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  • Glad to read what you thought of the Saucer Country finale -- "super rushed, but satisfying" is pretty much my take on it, too --and very glad to see you review The Forged! I hadn't been hearing anything about it, and had been holding off buying the individual issues, even though I'm a sucker for large-size comics lately. And I guess it's pretty much what I'd expect from Rucka -- a "fearsome force of kick-ass women" and a world with a sprawling, complex backstory that he only gives us hints of seem to be his forte these days. It's that backstory (and the delays) that finally pushed me away from Lazarus, a book I was really enjoying, but seemed to be in danger of being a comic-book supplement to a sourcebook, instead of the other way around. Hopefully I'll get back to it one day. 

    I think I'll wait for another couple installments and see where it goes before I decide to take a chance on The Forged. 

    • Glad to be of help. I wasn't sure anyone would be interested in The Forged. It was entirely under my radar until I noticed Rucka's name on it. I think I have kept up with Lazarus (the last one I read was Vol. 7, in 2022). I'll certainly read anything new that shows up. I already have the second Forged collection in my queue; I have no idea how long it is planned to run.

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