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  • It has now been nearly four years since Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #42. There have been gaps in publication before, but have there been any this long? I hope Dave Lapham returns to it someday. I would like to see the story get up to at least the point it started (1997) in 1995, and maybe resolve the conflict introduced in issue #1. Who is Joey's "girlfriend" in the trunk? Inquiring minds want to know! But the owner on my LCS, who is personal friends with Lapham (plays poker with him at cons), doubts he will ever return to Stray Bullets. Lately, Latham has been doing work for Boom! Studios, which is much more lucrative than self-publishing. But why couldn't Boom! (or some other publisher) pick up Stray Bullets? If it remains unfinsihed, that would be a shame.

    • I hope for more Stray Bullets, too. By the end of this run he had moved publishing to Image, which is still technically self-publishing, I guess. But they provide lots of infrastructure that he and Maria had to supply before. Amazon lists Image as the publisher for the compilations of the original series as well. But I agree that Boom! would also be a good home for it. BTW, Jeff, I thought about reviving our old thread before I started on the final individual issues. I was afraid it might trigger you to reread the whole thing, as is your habit ;)

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      You know me too well!

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