In previous years, this was a memory box so we didn't miss any good nominations for the Cappies. With the Cappies hypertimed away, that doesn't mean we have to discontinue these threads. I've always liked going back at the end of the year and seeing the books and stories and moments that people really champion -- including plenty of stuff that I've forgotten about come Christmastime. 

So have at it, Legionnaires! It's a bold new year! What in 2017 has knocked you out?

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    • Is that a Frank Miller cover in the Archer and Armstrong book?

    • It is, and I'm a little disappointed that it was chosen for the cover. This was the era of "zero issues," and the real first issue was #0 by BWS. It was also the era of crossovers, and the second and third issues were part of eight interlocking covers; the first months were all by Frank Miller, and the second month's by Walt Simonson. BWS wrote and drew the first twelve issues, which are what is included in the tpb. It's a quirky little series and I recommend it it anyone who has not read it, particularly fans of BWS's work.


      Here's what they look like all together:


  • time2-omnibus-hc_059b737708.jpg

  • Windfall! All these shipped today.

    First there's the Bill Everett volume of Atlas Era Venus:


    Then there's an EC collection featuring the artwork of Jack Kamen:


    Then there's the first omnibus edition of Marvel's version of the Micronauts:


    Finally, there's the second Marvel Masterworks Captain America collection of the DeMatteis/Zeck era.


    Life is good.

  • I ordered my Venus from Instocktrades this morning. I should have it mid-week, next week.



    This is a pretty good volume, reprinting Justice League America #51-60 and Justice League Europe #26-26, plus a TON of other annuals and quarterlies and specials and giants and whatnot. It ends with Formerly Known and the Justice League #1-6) and "I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League" (from JLA Classided #4-9) by the original team of Giffen, De Matteis and MaGuire. One of these days I'm just going to sit down and read these three volumes (and I'll throw in "The Detroit Era" omnibus as well).

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