Moon Knight: Divided We Fall

January 1992

Cover art by: Denys Cowan

Story: Divided We Fall

Writer: Bruce Jones

Pencils: Denys Cowan

Inks: Mike Manley & Tom Palmer.

Marc Spector ticks off both Frenchie and Marlene, so they leave him on his own. He learns that he actually needs them in his fight against the bad guys.

Man, if I I had spent 5 bucks on this very cliched 48 pager I would have been ticked. Heck I spent like 17 cents on this and I was still miffed at the waste of time it was. Very “After School Special”

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  • It seems like every 10 issues, Moon Knight would tick either of them off, and would realize that he needs them. Glad I missed this.

  • Was this a squarebound bookshelf jobbie? Many of those were very disappointing.
  • Nice cover, though. Is that Cowan? Looks very Neal Adams-y (or Bill Sienkiewicz-y).

    Of course, it's hard to go wrong with that snaaaaaazzy costume!

  • I remember when he started out in the Werewolf by Night series.

  • I agree the cover is nice.

  • Figs, yes it was squarebound, but the cover wasn't cardstock. It was flimsier.

    Cap, yep that is indeed Denys Cowan.

    After reading it you just wonder why Marvel thought it was deserving of a deluxe format.

  • Wasn't Moon Knight currently canceled when this came out? If so, then it might have been an inventory story with no home.

  • Nope, we had a regular Moon Knight series going on when this came out. Not quite to the Stephen Platt era though.

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