Star-Spangled War Stories #147

October-November 1969

Cover art by: Joe Kubert

Story: A Grave in the Sky!

Writer: Joe Kubert

Art: Joe Kubert

Baron von Hammer goes up against a nut-job Englishman who really believes he is St. George reincarnated. He even flies his plane in full plate mail armor. Luckily, the Hammer of Hell kills him in hand-to-hand combat.

Eh, not one of the better stories in this series...

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  • The stories were a lot better when they didn't involved costumed opponents.

  • I got nearly every Enemy Ace Star Spangled War Stories and several early Unknown Soldier's including his first appearance, all in great condition for $3 each from a "dealer" who had no idea what he had. He was just trying to get rid of some old war books that were taking up valuable mutant space!

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