A Timeline of MST'd Movies

What I'm going to do here is present a timeline of the feature films and shorts that were shown in the twelve seasons of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and in the feature film. I will not be including the KTMA episodes, and I will not be chronicling the adventures of Joel/Mike/Jonah, the Bots and the Mads here, because I’ve already done it here.

Instead, this will be a chronicle of the events depicted in the films themselves, as though they all occurred in one timeline. There is a problem with this, and that is the fact that some of these films contradict one another, especially those set in the future. Heck, some of them contradict themselves! Thus, where I feel an irreconcilable contradiction is present, I will be altering or ignoring the films' continuity to whatever extent I feel necessary. I will try to keep this to a minimum, and when I do this, I will present an explanation in the footnotes, describing what changes I have made.

Additionally, some of the films do not give a clear notion of when they were set. In these cases, I will be choosing dates arbitrarily, and I will note this as well. When a film is contemporary, I am assuming that it is set in the year of its release, unless there is evidence to the contrary.

Finally, there will be some sections in boldface. These will contain speculation on my part, designed to flesh out the timeline a bit, and make it more substantial.

We will begin, appropriately enough, In the beginning...


The Time of the Creation

In the Beginning: God creates the universe, and the universe is without form, and void; and darkness is upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit of God moves upon the face of spacetime.

And God speaks, saying, “Watch out for snakes!” 

At the same time, He creates several angels to do His bidding. (2) Some of the angels, led by Lucifer, rebel against God, and take up residence in Hell. (3) In addition, lesser supernatural beings come into existence, some of which are “sprites” that embody various ideas or concepts. (4)

Time passes, and the Star Sol comes into existence. Sol has eleven planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto (5), Nova and Terra.

Nova is the outermost of the planets, orbiting beyond even that of Pluto. (6) Terra has the same orbit as Earth, only on the opposite side of the Sun. (7)

Life in the Solar System begins on Earth, evolving from fish to amphibians to the creatures known as dinosaurs. At some point during this period, the creatures that later civilizations would call the Gill Men (8), the Slime People (9) and the Mahars (10) evolved.

Circa 65,000,000 BC: A large asteroid strikes the Earth, wiping out most of the dinosaurs (some survive in isolated pockets), and the budding non-human civilizations. Some of the Mahars and Slime People survive in subterranean shelters. A population of Gill Men survive in what will later be the Amazon jungle.

Some time after this, the human race comes into existence. Their planet of origin is unknown. As with modern humans, they had “racial” divisions. There was a dominant group (resembling modern Europeans) and a suppressed group (resembling modern East Asians) called “Centaurians”, who were treated as inferiors. Eventually, these humans developed a star-faring civilization and spread throughout space. (11)


The Rise and Fall of Atlantis

200,000 BC:

  • A starship containing a mixed Human/Centaurian crew visits a planet in the Solaris system. Some crewmembers are marooned on the planet, which is actually prehistoric Earth. (12) Little is known of the language or culture of these people. Only one phrase has come down to the present day, preserved in the secret rituals of various esoteric martial arts: "Hi-Keeba!" Its original meaning is unknown.

175,000 BC:

  • Descendants of the alien colonists have flourished and spread over the Earth and established colonies on the Moon, Mars, Venus, Terra and other places throughout the Solar System. They have an advanced technology and are masters of genetic manipulation. They use giant creatures (what a later civilization will call “kaiju”) as weapons systems. However, divisions in their society lead to internal conflict. Seeing an apocalyptic war as inevitable, one faction stocks the as-yet-uncolonized planet Nova with a wide variety of wildlife. Setting up an environmental maintenance unit, they send the planet on an even longer orbit out of the solar system, so that animal life will at least be preserved if the world is destroyed. (13) When the war does break out, their civilization is largely destroyed, although human populations survive on Earth and on outposts throughout the Solar System. Memories of their civilization will come down through the years in the legends of Atlantis.

In the postwar period, the survivors rebuild to an extent, using the remnants of the Atlanteans’ technology. Many kingdoms rise and fall. Individuals who use recovered pieces of Atlantean technology are thought of as “wizards”. (14)

174,800 BC:

  • The drifter Neo breaks the Dark One’s control over his slaves. (15)

174,002 BC:

  • The warrior Ator overthrows the Spider Cult. (16)

174,000 BC:

  • The warrior Ator prevents the warlord Zor from gaining control of the Geometric Nucleus, a powerful artifact of Atlantean technology. (17)

173,000 BC:

  • Deathstalker battles the evil Troxartes. (18)

172,000 BC:

  • Simon of Axeholme and the warrior Kor battle the evil wizard Shurka. (19)

171,996 BC:

  • The young wizard Tyor battles three evil wizards. (20)

As the memory of “Atlantis” fades, the civilizations on Earth deteriorate. They lose touch with the outposts around the Solar System, and they, in their turn, no longer have much interest in Earth. Eventually adapting to their new worlds physically, they come in time to think of themselves as “Martians” or “Venusians”, and so on.

On Earth, most of humanity has reverted to barbarism, except in isolated subterranean or undersea enclaves.

100,000 BC:

  • A tribe of primitives discovers evidence of the fallen ancient civilization and begins to dream of one day rebuilding it. (21)

The Age of Legendary Heroes

As the old civilization was largely forgotten, a new civilization began to arise. Soon the new civilization began to produce extraordinary individuals, people who became legendary heroes. One of the earliest such heroes was the physically powerful if perhaps not over-bright Hercules. One of his few rivals was Maciste, although there is some speculation that they were one and the same person.

1260 BC:

  • Hercules seeks the Golden Fleece. (22)
  • Maciste battles a tribe of headhunters. (23)

1259 BC:

  • Hercules is held captive by Queen Omphale of Lydia. (24)

1257 BC:

  • Hercules destroys an island containing a surviving remnant of Atlantis. (25)

1254 BC:

  • Hercules battles an invasion by Moon Men. These “Moon Men” were one of several groups of survivors from the Atlantean civilization living on Earth’s Moon. They were the only ones to take much interest in the Earth at this point in history. (26)

1250 BC:

  • Hercules sets out to avenge the murder of his wife. (27)

1000 BC:

  • Lemminkäinen and Ilmarinen battle the witch Louhi. (28)

AD 752:

  • Sinbad seeks the Bird of Happiness. (29)

AD 857:

  • A group of Viking women go in search of their missing husbands. (30)

AD 861:

  • Prince Hamlet of Denmark sets out to avenge his murdered father. (31)

AD 966:

  • Jack Frost and Father Mushroom help young lovers ivan and Nastya get together. (32)

AD 986:

  • Ilya Muromets defends Kiev from the Tugars led by Kalin. (33)

The Middle Ages and the Renaissance
The world passes from the time of legend into more clearly-documented history. As humanity on Earth slowly re-discovers science, the powers of magic are still quite active.

AD 1156:

  • Twentieth Century prostitute Diana Love contacts her previous incarnation, Helene, to try and save her life. The hypnotist Quintus physically follows her into the past but finds himself stranded there owing to diabolic intervention. (34)

AD 1262:

  • Would-be knight George battles the evil wizard Lodac. (35)

AD 1493:

  • The Delta Knights - a group with some knowledge of the Atlantean civilization - seek the Lost Storehouse of Archimedes, hoping to secure any Atlantean artifacts it may contain. (36)

AD 1558:

  • Gideon Drew is executed for sorcery. (37)

The Old West
European settlement of the New World quickly led to the creation of new nations and to an age of new legends, that of the "cowboys" of the American West.

AD 1866:

  • Santa Claus helps reform the soul of miserly landlord Mister Prune. (38)

AD 1871:

  • Shep the collie helps the Blake family deal with a would-be claim jumper. (39)

AD 1876:

  • When her husband is murdered, Rose Hood takes over as marshal of Oracle, Texas. (40)
  • Doctor Abner Perry and David Innes use the Iron Mole and visit a subterranean world ruled by the Mahars. (41) The discovery of the subterranean world led to an interest in Perry's drilling technology, and to many "surface" nations exploring the subterranean world. The other "hidden" remnants of Atlantean civilization began to realize that their long ages of seclusion were likely to soon end.

AD 1878:

  • In Oregon, Duke Barnum gets caught up in a horse-rustling operation. (42)

AD 1896:

  • An allosaurus appears in southern Mexico. (43)

Years of War
The first half of the Twentieth Century was a time of unprecedented conflict among the humans of Earth. Even as they fought among themselves, things such as they'd never before seen were stirring in the Earth and out in space.

AD 1915:

  • ·The crew of a U-Boat and the survivors of a ship they sank discover the island of Caprona, a remnant of an ancient Atlantean experiment, where dinosaurs and primitive humans coexist. (44)

AD 1936:

  • Ross Allan abuses animals. (45)
  •  Crash Corrigan and his friends become embroiled in a civil war in undersea Atlantean colony. (46) Subsequently, the U.S. opens diplomatic relations with them.

A.D. 1939

  • Rogue scientist Doctor Zorka attempts to use his inventions to conquer the world. (47) ·

A.D. 1940:

  • A man named Gilbert encounters Coily the Spring Sprite. (48)

AD 1941:

  • A Chevrolet sales manager wonders why his salesmen aren’t selling cars. His father suggests that he’s a crappy manager. (49)

AD 1942:

  • Doctor Lorenzo Cameron transforms his gardener Petro into a wolfman as part of a plot to wreak revenge on his former colleagues. His plan is foiled with assistance from journalist Tom Gregory (50)
  • Criminal scientist Doctor Lorenz kidnaps young women to drain their life essences to keep his wife alive. He is foiled with assistance from journalist, Patricia Hunter. (51)

AD 1944:

  • When lousy driver Joe Doakes is killed in a traffic accident, he faces a celestial trial to determine his fate. (52)
  • On trial for manslaughter, Jimmy Wilson blames his parents. (53)

AD 1945:

  • The people of Earth enjoy a wide range of winter sports. (54)

The Late 1940's
A superficially quiet period, that saw the humans of Earth enjoy the post-War period 
even as the Cold War began, and they prepared to begin moving into space.

AD 1946:

  • Emmett Kelly performs at the Clyde Beatty Circus. (55)
  • Hal Moffat seeks revenge on those he feels have wronged him. (56)

AD 1947:

  • Young people are taught that good personal hygiene is a vital element of getting dates. (57)
  • A family visits the Indiana State Fair. (58)

AD 1948:

  • Mike Patton and Bob Simpson search for a missing heiress in Africa. (59)
  • Chicken farming has been industrialized. (60)

AD 1949:

  • Old-Timer Billy Slater organizes a rodeo for children. (61)
  • Young Johnny visits the Canadian National Exhibition. (62)
  • Professor E.C. Beuhler lectures on methods for effective public speaking. (63)

The Space Age
The humans of Earth begin to learn that they are not alone in the universe. This age also sees the rise of new heroes and monsters to match the legends of old. At the same time, the Cold War still continues, as many resist the notion that they must unite to face the greater universe together.

AD 1950:

  • Rocketship X-M, an early Lunar expedition, goes out of control and lands on Mars, where they discover what they believe are the primitive survivors of a destroyed civilization. Unbeknownst to them, the people they encounter are an isolated group that are not part of the main Martian civilization, roughly analogous to the North Sentinelese of Earth. The ship is destroyed while attempting to return to Earth. (64)
  • Professor E.C. Beuhler lectures further on methods for effective public speaking. (65)
  • A young boy realizes how much his parents do for him. (66)
  • U.S. government agents use radar to recover stolen uranium. (67)
  • Americans are encouraged to have tranquil family dinners. (68)
  • A marriage counselor discourages a young couple from marrying hastily. (69)

AD 1951:

  • An American expedition sent to retrieve a lost atomic rocket motor finds a prehistoric land on a tropical island. They recover the motor just as a volcano erupts, destroying the island. (70)
  • Young children are encouraged to learn the alphabet. (71)
  • Four young women learn the advantages of studying home economics. (72)
  • Young Nick wants to ask classmate Kay out on a date but doesn’t know where to take her. (73)
  • A high school student is caught cheating. (74)
  • Umberto Scalli manages women wrestlers as a front for his crime rackets. (75)
  • The ghost of Ben Franklin lectures a high school boy on budgeting. (76) Who gets chosen for these spectral visitations, or why, is known only to God and His angels.

AD 1952:

  • The various inhabitants of the Moon have taken note of the fact that the Earth people are beginning to travel in space and are of mixed minds regarding how to deal with them. The leader of one faction (that will come to be known on Earth as the “Radar Men”), the tyrant Retik, decides to conquer the Earth. He is defeated by the heroic Commando Cody (who will become known to history as the "first of the super-heroes", a title he modestly never claimed for himself), and Retik is overthrown. The Radar Men subsequently open friendly relations with the U.S.A. (77)
  • A teacher holds a posture contest in her class. (78)
  • Mister Ohman hypnotizes a bar full of people into imagining a Soviet nuclear attack on the U.S.A. (79)
  • Young Judy uses electrical appliances to win over her brother’s college friend. (80)

AD 1953:

  • A young boy named Johnny dreams of an invasion by an alien named “Ro-Man”. (81)

AD 1954:

  • The Toronto Skating Club holds its 40th Annual Carnival. (82)
  • Truck farming is common in the USA. (83)
  • Grocers are encouraged to purchase large modern freezers. (84)
  • An angel and a demon battle for the souls of bread truck drivers. Why the powers that are should be particularly interested in the souls of bread truck drivers is known only to the celestial and infernal ones involved. (85)

AD 1955:

  • Alfredo Mendoza and friends enjoy water skiing. (86)
  • Doctor Eric Vornoff attempts to create his own race of atomic supermen that will rule the world. It doesn’t end well. (87)
  • A young gang member becomes disillusioned when his gang mugs his own father. (88)
  • Young criminals Mike Denton and Terry Marsh terrorize a farm couple. (89)
  • A minister urges workplace safety, while reminiscing about horrific accidents in his town. (90)
  • Doctors Cal Meacham and Ruth Adams encounter aliens from Metaluna who consider colonizing the Earth. Metaluna is destroyed before this plan can be carried out. (91)
  • One of the last surviving Gill Men is captured in Brazil and brought to Florida for study. (92)

AD 1956:

  • ·Doctor Tom Anderson comes into contact with a Venusian creature which attempts to conquer the Earth. He kills it after it kills his wife (93)
  • Buzz Turner is visited by the spirit of music, Mister B Natural. (94)
  • A scientist illegally reanimates killer Charles “Butcher” Benton, which process gives him super-strength and endurance. He goes on a vengeful rampage before he is accidentally electrocuted. (95)
  • A British expedition to Jupiter’s moon, Leda, discovers New Atlantis, a lost and dying colony of the original. (96) The U.K. subsequently assumes a protectorate over the colony.
  • Aliens invade a small US town but are driven off by teenagers who shine their headlights at them. (97)
  • Four escaped female convicts, one of whom is actually an undercover policewoman, search for stolen diamonds. (98)
  • A woman dreams of expensive consumer goods. (99)
  • High school students are told why it’s important to study the industrial arts. (100)
  • Paula Parkins leads her girl gang into violent crime and communism. (101)
  • Fifth graders are taught to be obsessive about personal hygiene. (102)
  • An angel named Wilbur is sent to Earth to help a couple write a song so they can go on their honeymoon. (103) Their place in the Divine plan remains unknown. 
  • Doctor Roger Bentley and Doctor Jud Bellamin find a race of Sumerian albinos living deep under the Earth, keeping mutant humanoid mole people as their slaves. (104) The Mole People are distant evolutionary cousins of humanity.
  • The hypnotist Quintus sends a prostitute named Diana Love back to the Middle Ages to contact her past self. (105)
  • Doctor Carlo Lombardi hypnotically regresses Andrea Talbott to her previous life as a vicious sea creature. (106)
  • Gumby and Pokey, two young clayfolk, use robots to do their chores. It doesn’t end well. (107) The clayfolk are the product of a successful Atlantean attempt to create artificial life forms. A small colony survived the fall of Atlantis in what is now the Midwestern U.S. Once their home became part of what is now the U.S, they adapted to American ways and were eventually given U.S. citizenship.

AD 1957:

  • Sisters Penny and Jane Lowe are sentenced to work on a farm run by agricultural magnate Russ Tropp, where they expose his corrupt practices. (108)
  • Prehistoric giant scorpions emerge from a volcano and attack Mexico. They are defeated with assistance from Doctors Hank Scott and Arturo Ramos. (109)
  • Lieutenant-Colonel Glenn Manning grows to be fifty feet tall after being exposed to an atomic blast. (110)
  • Doctor Charles Conway performs illegal experiments on his patients in order to lengthen human life, but his crimes are uncovered by undercover policeman Mark Houston. (111)
  •  A young couple elopes ill-advisedly. (112)
  • Giant grasshoppers invade Illinois. (113)
  • Henry Krasker helps police investigate a murder in his rooming house. (114)
  • A giant praying mantis attacks Washington, DC, and New York City. (115)
  • Doctor Alfred Brandon turns teenager Tony Rivers into a werewolf. (116)

AD 1958:

  • In Trollenberg, Switzerland, UN troubleshooter Alan Brooks helps to battle invading alien creatures. (117)
  • The Evil Dr. Krupp builds a robot in an attempt to rob the tomb of Popoca, but his plans are thwarted by Doctor Eduardo Almada and his associates. (118)
  • Street-racer Phil Sandifer seeks vengeance when his best friend Sonny is killed at the behest of nightclub owner Sidney Chillas. (119)
  • A giant spider terrorizes a small town in the US before it is electrocuted. (120)
  • The presumed-dead Glenn Manning reappears in Mexico. He is captured and returned to the US, where he escapes but is subsequently electrocuted. (121)
  •  Astronaut John Corcoran returns from space having been impregnated by an alien life form. (122)
  • Jessica Burns and her friends prevent the resurrection of Gideon Drew. (123)
  • Scientists experimenting with time travel contact the year 5000. A mutant from the future passes through time, seeking their aid. (124)
  • A space brain speaks through children to warn humans against nuclear war. (125)
  • Eric Whitlock tries to drive his new wife Jenni to suicide in order to get her money. (126)

AD 1959:

  • A giant gila monster appears in the American Southwest. (127)
  • Aliens scout Earth for possible invasion but are defeated when one of their number – Derek – turns against them. (128)
  • Giant leeches are discovered in Florida. (129)
  • An American scientist breeds giant killer shrews. (130)
  • A coffee house owner arranges an armored car robbery. (131)
  • Doctor Bill Cortner keeps his fiancée Jan Compton’s head alive after she is decapitated in a car accident. She does not appreciate his efforts. (132)
  • Policeman Hal Jackson does his best to encourage driving safety. (133)
  • Santa Claus defeats efforts by the demon Pitch to corrupt the world’s children, in particular a young Mexican named Lupita, in whom he sees great potential for good. (134)
  • Silver Morgan is sent to Girls Town when she is accused of a murder. (135)
  • High schooler Marv Grant turns to crime to win over classmate Betty Alexander. (136)
  • Not all of visitors from space are hostile. From time to time, various benevolent space powers send agents to Earth to defend the planet from hostiles that might otherwise subjugate it. One such agent becomes the super-hero known as Prince of Space, who defends the Earth from the Phantom Dictator of Krankor. (137)

The 1960's
Even as the Cold war continues, humanity encounters threats from space and the awakening of several kaiju, living Atlantean bio-weapons that have lain in hibernation for hundreds of thousands of years, but which have been awakened by nuclear testing.

AD 1960:

  • When the planet Nova re-enters the Solar System, an expedition is sent from Earth to determine if it’s suitable for colonization. (138) A small U.S. colony is established on the planet, by volunteers who are aware that the planet’s unusual orbit will necessitate them being out of contact with the Earth for a very long time. Their remit is to settle the planet, and to explore it for the Atlantean technology which is believed to exist there. Other nations are upset by the American move, and pressure is felt to make future such expeditions multinational.
  • Tom Stewart is haunted by his old girlfriend's ghost after he murders her. (139)
  • Small-time hood Eddy Crane gets a chance at a singing career, but his gang’s resentment causes it to end badly. (140)
  • Drifters Bix Dugan and Danny Winslow run into trouble in the small town of Sherman. (141)
  • A multinational lunar expedition led by Captain John Anderson gets a chilly reception from a lunar faction whose territory the inadvertently infringe upon. Better relations are subsequently established, once their hosts are presented with two cats. (142)
  • Two city children visit their Uncle Jim’s dairy farm. (143)
  • American police crack down on pornography. (144)
  • Major Paul Krenner makes convict Joey Faust invisible as part of a scheme for world domination. (145)
  • June Talbot uses male pineal gland extract in an effort to regain her lost youth. (146)
  • The monster Gorgo attacks London, seeking to retrieve its offspring. It subsequently returns to its home beneath the North Atlantic.(147) It seldom troubles humanity thereafter, but submarines soon learn to avoid its territory
  • An all-girl dance troupe is stranded on an island infested by mutant spiders. (148)

AD 1961:

  • American agents are unable to stop a rogue Soviet unit from launching a nuclear missile against Manhattan. Fortunately, the missile is intercepted and destroyed with help from a friendly Lunar faction. (149)
  • Doctor Albert Balleau hunts some young people that landed on his island. (150)
  • Three convicts get caught up in the Bay of Pigs Invasion. (151)
  • Exposure to radiation causes Soviet defector Doctor Joseph Javorsky to go on a murderous rampage. (152)
  • Masked wrestler Samson battles female vampires. (153)
  • The super-hero Space Chief, another agent of a benevolent alien power, defends Earth from aliens known as the Neptune Men. (154)
  • Astronaut Frank Chapman discovers a race of tiny humans living on the asteroid Rheton. (155)
  • Reptilicus attacks Copenhagen and is believed destroyed. (156) However, owing to the creature's remarkable regenerative properties, coastal areas of Denmark, Sweden, East Germany and Poland face periodic attacks for several years thereafter.

AD 1962:

  • Medical student Lewis Moffitt is tasked with stealing a dead man’s ring as a fraternity initiation stunt. (157)
  • Roxy Miller, her father and her boyfriend discover a caveman called Eegah. (158)
  • Teens visits the Seattle World’s Fair and learn about the telephones of the future. (159)

AD 1963:

  • After a spaceship crash, an astronaut’s disembodied hand is possessed by an alien force, which subsequently influences teenager Paul Lawrence. The hand’s murderous rampage is defeated when it is eaten by cats. (160)
  • Nuclear testing causes the subterranean race known as “Slime People” to attack Los Angeles, but they are driven off. (161)
  • Jessie Brewer plans a party. Doctor Steve Hardy informs a patient that she has a hiatus hernia. The party doesn’t go well and ends awkwardly. (162)
  • Hetty March funds the development of technology to transfer her brain into a younger woman’s body. (163)
  • Extramarital shenanigans occur at a skydiving school. (164)
  • The Great Vorelli attempts to use his ventriloquist dummy to steal an heiress’ fortune. (165)

AD 1964:

  • Martians kidnap Santa Claus in order to bring joy to the children of Mars. Santa helps the Martians and appoints Dropo as his Martian counterpart. (166) Diplomatic relations are established between the Martians and various earth governments.
  • A serial killer strikes a small West Virginia town. Young Jimmy is accused. (167)
  • Deputy Martin Gordon encounters an alien creature in California. (168)
  • USAF pilots test the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter. (169)
  • Would-be senator David Stratton is grifted by a young woman named Jody. (170)
  • Young layabouts encounter zombies at a seedy carnival. (171)
  • A radioactive waste spill creates a race of sea monsters. (172)
  • A time travel experiment by Doctor Erik Von Steiner opens a portal to the year 4971. (173)

AD 1965:

  • An accidental nuclear explosion awakens the monster Gamera, which attacks Japan. (174)
  • Doctor Kolos is sent to Earth at the behest of the Intergalactic Council. His plan to infiltrate the government using android clones ends badly. (175)
  • Astronaut Frank Douglas’ capsule crashes when it returns to Earth. (176)
  • After ingestion of an experimental chemical turns them into giants, eight teenagers terrorize a small town. (177)

AD 1966:

  • When some Japanese men are stranded on a tropical island, they are pursued by agents of the Red Bamboo terrorist group. Finding the monster Godzilla asleep on the island, they awaken him. He defeats the monster Ebirah and smashes the Red Bamboo base. Some Infant Islanders who were being held captive on the island are freed, and they summon Mothra to rescue them all. (178)
  • Gamera battles the monster Barugon. (179)
  • A vacationing family encounters the Cult of Manos. (180)
  • Secret agent Super Dragon defeats a drug syndicate. (181)
  • Crime-fighter Batwoman battles Ratfink and Doctor Neon. (182)
  • American agent Adam Chance protects Soviet defector Doctor Jan Steffanic. (183)
  • Doctor Paul Steiner has an accident with an experimental teleporter. (184)

AD 1967:

  • Teenager Don Pringle and his friends investigate the theft of an ancient Chinese scroll. (185)
  • Stock car racer Rod Tillman is recruited by the police to infiltrate a gang of robbers. (186)
  • Gamera battles the monster Gaos. (187)
  • Neil Connery is recruited to battle the evil organization THANATOS. (188)
  • Agent Bart Fargo recovers a stolen death ray. (189)
  • Pop singer Vicki Robbins discovers trained killer bees while vacationing on a remote island. (190)
  • The monster Yongary attacks Seoul. (191)

AD 1968:

  • A murdered policeman’s brother and fiancée infiltrate biker gang called “The Hellcats” in order to avenge his death. (192)
  • The security organization Mighty Jack battles the terrorist organization Q. (193)
  • Fu Manchu’s plan to freeze the world’s oceans is thwarted by his enemies Nayland Smith and Doctor Petrie. (194)
  • Michele Casey goes to Los Angeles to become a go-go dancer. (195)
  • Master thief Diabolik goes on a crime spree. (196)

AD 1969:

  • Sidehackers Rommel and J.C. come into violent conflict, which ends badly. (197)
  • Gamera battles Guiron on the planet Terra, and rescues two boys that had been kidnapped by the last Terrans. (198) A joint Japanese-American expedition is launched to explore Terra. Additionally, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces adopt a policy of always having a ten year-old child on staff to communicate with Gamera.
  • The crew of the NASA spacecraft Ironman One - commander Jim Pruett, "Buzz" Lloyd, and Clayton "Stoney" Stone – are stranded in space when their engine fails, but they are soon rescued by Gamera. (199)

The 1970's
A slightly quieter decade, as the powers of Earth begin to come around to the idea that they had better learn to live with each other.

AD 1970:

  • An enemy agent’s plot to destroy a US space station is defeated by two American astronauts, who inadvertently establish a new US moonbase. (200) The Lunar powers allow it to remain as an embassy.
  • Jim Conrad has a busy day managing San Francisco International Airport. (201)

AD 1971:

  • Gamera battles Zigra. (202)
  • A young man named Jodie meets a witch named Melissa. (203)
  • Doctor Kurt Leopold transforms himself into a fish creature and seeks vengeance on those he feels have wronged him. (204)

Sometime before 1973, the Japanese government (with UN assistance) gathers as many of the world's kaiju on an island in the Ogasawara chain that becomes variously known as "Monsterland" or "Monster Island". Inhabitants of the island include Godzilla, Rodan, Anguirus, and others. For the most part, the creatures seem content to remain there.

AD 1973:

  • Nuclear testing causes the Seatopian civilization (the Seatopians are a remnant of the Atlantean civilization that survived underwater) to send the monsters Megalon and Gigan to attack Japan. The monster Godzilla and the robot Jet Jaguar defeat them. (205) The great powers of Earth agree to suspend nuclear testing in the wake of this incident.
  • Astronaut Neil Stryker unknowingly passes through a dimensional rift and finds himself trapped on a parallel “Earth” called Terra. (206)
  • Puerto Rico attempts to lure investors. (207)

AD 1974:

  • Two children and a young woman are accidentally frozen in experimental cryogenics machines. They are subsequently unfrozen and report having spent time in a distant future world ruled by intelligent apes. It is uncertain whether this was a genuine experience or a shared hallucination. (208)
  • While vacationing in Carlsbad Caverns, Doctor John Beck is bitten by a fruit bat, and begins turning into a vampire bat. He is eventually joined in bat-hood by his wife, Cathy. (209)

AD 1975:

  • A slovenly policeman named Mitchell pursues drug traffickers. (210)
  • Alien spiders invade small-town Wisconsin. (211)

AD 1976:

  • Secret agent Sam Casey uses his power of invisibility to fight enemy agents. (212)
  • After he is struck in the head by a lunar meteorite, Paul Carlson begins periodically transforming into a lizard creature. (213)
  • Fly Creek, Georgia, suffers an attack by killer worms. (214)

AD 1977:

  • Agent Johnny Paul investigates the theft of a new gas. (215)

AD 1978:

  • David Shelby’s Rocky Mountain ski resort is destroyed by an avalanche. (216)

AD 1979:

  • Seven women battle drug dealers. (217)
  • Billy Duncan finds a weapon inadvertently left behind by aliens. He uses it to wreak havoc until the aliens return and kill him. (218)
  • The Clonus Project breeds clones in order to supply spare organs for the wealthy. (219)
  • A gang of jewel thieves battles killer piranhas in order to recover their loot. (220)

This era contains the last few years of Earth-bound life as humanity has known it...

AD 1980:

  • Tony Farms becomes the super-hero Pumaman and battles the evil Doctor Kobras. (221)
  • In the Sonoran Desert, the Williams family encounters bizarre alien creatures. Eventually, they are propelled through a time warp to the far future. (222)

AD 1981:

  • Markov the Magnficent and a chimp called Alexander the Great strive to save a struggling carnival. (223)

AD 1982:

  • A mummy found in King Tut’s tomb is brought to California for study. It is revealed to be an alien when it comes back to life. It subsequently leaves the Earth. (224)

AD 1983:

  • A young boy named Tommy befriends an alien creature that he nicknames ”Trumpy”. (225)
  • While on an expedition to Saturn, astronaut Steve West is exposed to strange radiation that causes him to melt away when he returns to Earth. (226)
  • Doctor Brance Lockhart searches for an unknown anthropoid creature in Arkansas. (227)

AD 1984:

  • Max Keller meets “American Ninja” John Peter McAllister. Together, they set out to find McAllister’s daughter. (228)
  • The US military creates an octopus/fish hybrid which escapes and begins devouring swimmers. (229)

AD 1985:

  • An expedition to Venus discovers the remnants of a long-dead civilization. (230)
  • Deputy Thomas Jeronimo pursues mobster Joseph Palermo to Malta. (231)

AD 1986:

  • A woman uses a zombie to avenge her murdered son. (232)

AD 1987:

  • Wanda Saknussemm, a young woman incapable of showing any emotion other than dull surprise, seeks her explorer father in a subterranean Atlantean colony beneath North Africa. (233)

AD 1988:

  • Young people discover alien hobgoblins in a film studio. (234)
  • A young boy helps a "Mysterious Alien Creature ("MAC") that is stranded on Earth. (235)

AD 1989:

  • Tarl Cabot and Watney Smith visit the extra-dimensional world of Gor. (236)
  • The crew of an undersea base encounters mysterious creatures that resemble stingrays. (237)

AD 1990:

  • Zap Rowsdower and Troy McGregor battle cultists and find the lost city of Zlox. (238)
  • A soultaker bungles the task of collecting the souls of teens who should have died in a car wreck. (239)

AD 1994:

  • Nick Miller invents a time machine but has to stop evil industrialist J.K. Robertson from misusing it. (240)

AD 1995:

  • A man tells his grandson stories about Merlin. (241)

AD 1996:

  • Paul Niles becomes a werewolf. (242)

AD 1997:

  • Sister Ann, a young nun, helps a human slave escape his alien masters. (243)

AD 2000:

  • An evil corporation attempts to raze the Bronx, so it can be re-developed. The local residents resist them. (244)
  • A plague spreads in Southern California, killing most of the adults. (245) Scientists and sorcerers working for the U.S. government manage to construct an impenetrable quarantine zone around the plague area, but the residents within are left to their own devices for quite some time before a cure is found.

The Rise and Fall of the Corporations
Even as humanity reaches out into space, economic and political disruptions convulse the Earth.

AD 2013:

  • The Armada Program uses giant robots to battle a monster that appears in the Gulf of Mexico. (246)

AD 2015:

  • Biker gangs in what’s left of Los Angeles come together to combat the evil Sunya Corporation. (245)
  • The Rider helps to overthrow the evil Prossor and the Omega Company. (247)

AD 2021:

  • Astronaut Bill Clements unravels the machinations of corrupt millionaire J.J. Hubbard on the Moon. (248)

The worldwide economic disruption caused by the plague and the subsequent quarantine of Southern California causes the U.S. and several other governments to collapse. In many countries, governmental power falls into the hands of opportunistic corporations. Novicorp assumes control of much of North America, controlling the population using the virtual reality technology known as “doppling”.

AD 2083:

  • Aram Fingal battles the tyrannical Novicorp. (249)

Following Fingal's example, people rise up, and overthrow the corporations. In time, a world government is established. The humans of Earth have learned to live at peace with themselves and the other inhabitants of the Solar System. They begin to move out into deeper space.

The Distant Future
Humanity moves out into deeper space, establishing colonies on many worlds. Law and order is enforced by the Space Rangers, an interplanetary security force.

AD 2254:

  • Space Ranger Rocky Jones and his friends defeat Rinkman and his space pirates. Rocky subsequently leads efforts to evacuate Ophiuchus before its destruction. (250)

AD 2278:

  • Starwolf Ken defects from his homeworld, Valnastar, and joins the crew of the Earth ship Bacchus 3. (251)

Conditions on earth itself have begun to decline, owing to centuries of overcrowding and industrial pollution. Large-scale colonization efforts begin, utilizing massive generation ships. As time passes, Earth and the Solar System become a backwater, largely ignored by the greater human population.

AD 2588:

  • Elijah Kalgan leads an unsuccessful mutiny aboard the Earth colony ship Southern Sun. (252)

AD 2978:

  • The Emperor of the Galaxy recruits smugglers Stella Star and Akton to help thwart the plans of his enemy, Count Zarth Arn. (253)

Conditions on Earth continue to decline, and a large percentage of the population suffers from severe genetic mutations. Violent conflicts grow between factions of mutants and the few remaining "pure" humans.

AD 4971:

  • Doctor Erik Von Steiner and his colleagues arrive in the future from the year 1964, only to discover that only a few unmutated humans survive on Earth. They leave this world to the mutants, and return to their home time, accompanied by some of the human survivors. (254)

AD 5000:

  • The human race – on Earth, at least – is now composed of genetic mutants. When they detect a time probe from the year 1958, the send an agent back in hopes that she will return with help from the past.(255)

AD 101,964:

  • · Doctor Erik Von Steiner, his colleagues, and the humans from 4971, having been unable to remain in 1964, arrive in this time to find the Earth renewed. (256)

AD 102,980:

  • The Williams family arrives in this time. (222)

Humanity, on earth and out in space, continues on into an unknown future.

(1)God’s existence is implied in many of the films, but, to my recollection,  He is not seen on-screen, unless you believe that the Celestial Judge in the Show 210 short, X Marks the Spot (1944), is Him.  "Watch out for snakes!" comes from Show 506's feature Eegah (1962), in which, due to poor sound editing, a disembodied voice shouts the above phrase.

(2)Angels are seen in the Show 618 short, Out of This World (1954) and the Episode 701 short, Once Upon a Honeymoon (1956)I’m assuming that the Soultakers, seen in the Show 1001 feature, Soultaker (1990), are angels of a sort, as well.

(3) The Devil appears onscreen in the Show 806 feature, The Undead (1956)Demons appear in Out of This World and Show 521's feature, Santa Claus (1959).

(4)One such creature is Coily the Spring Sprite, seen in the Show 1012 short, A Case of Spring Fever (1940). Another is Mr. B Natural, seen in Show 319’s eponymous 1956 short.

(5)You’ll get me to accept that Pluto isn’t a planet when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!

(6)Seen in Show 210’s feature, King Dinosaur (1960)The part about its orbit is speculation on my part, which we’ll be getting back to.

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(11)This is my attempt to develop a back story for Show 104’s feature, Women of the Prehistoric Planet (1966), a film with a well-meaning but somewhat ham-fisted message about race relations that manages to be kind of racist itself.   


(12)This is one of many dates chosen arbitrarily by me.

(13) This is my explanation of how the planet Nova maintained an Earth-like environment despite being out of the Solar System.

(14)I’ve put a number of the films whose settings don’t work well in other historical periods into this era.

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(24)Seen in Show 408’s feature, Hercules Unchained (1959)

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(27)Seen in Show 1108’s feature, The Loves of Hercules (1960).

(28)Seen in Show 422’s feature, The Day the Earth Froze (1959)As with the Hercules films, this date is my best guess as to when the Finnish “time of legend” might have been.

(29)Seen in Show 505’s feature, The Magic Voyage of Sinbad (1952)Another ”best guess” as to the date. This picture is a Cormanization of the Russian film, Sadko.

(30)Seen in Show 317’s feature, The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent (1957)Another ”best guess” as to the date.

(31)Seen in Show 1009’s feature, Hamlet (1961). Another ”best guess” as to the date.

(32)Seen in Show 813’s feature, Jack Frost (1966)This film is a localization of the Russian film, Morózko. Another ”best guess” as to the date. I’m a little uncertain as to the nature of magical beings like Jack Frost and Father Mushroom. They may be spirits like Coily and Mr. B Natural, or they may be something more. We can assume that they are all part of God’s plan, somehow.

(33)Seen in Show 806’s feature, The Sword and the Dragon (1956)This is a localization of the Russian film, Ilya Muromets. Another ”best guess” as to the date.

(34)Seen in Show 806’s feature, The Undead (1956). The episode mentions the “second year of the reign of King Mark”, but the only King Mark I could find was King Mark of Cornwall, who didn’t seem to fit well, so I guessed at the date.

(35)From Show 411’s The Magic Sword (1962)Another ”best guess” as to the date.

(36)From Show 913’s feature, The Quest of the Delta Knights (1993).

(37)From Show 805’s feature, The Thing That Couldn’t Die (1958) Drew’s execution is stated to be four hundred years before the present.

(38)Seen in Show 1113’s feature, The Christmas That Almost Wasn’t (1966). I don’t recall a specific date given, but the impression I had was of a “Victorian” setting, so I placed it a century before the release date. Santa is portrayed somewhat inconsistently in the various Christmas movies the show has done. My take is that he is a supernatural being who adapts himself to various times and place.

(39)Seen in Show 510’s feature, The Painted Hills (1951)Another ”best guess” as to the date.

(40)Seen in Show 511's feature, Gunslinger (1956)Another ”best guess” as to the date.

(41) Seen in Show 1114's feature, At the Earth’s Core (1976).  Another one without a specific sate given, but the impression I had was of  a “Victorian” setting, so I placed it a century before the release date.

(42) Seen in Show 611's feature, Last of the Wild Horses (1948)Another ”best guess” as to the date.

(43) Seen in Show 1105's feature, The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956)Another ”best guess” as to the date.

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(148)Seen in Show 1011’s feature, Horrors of Spider Island (1960).

(149)Seen in Show 205’s feature, Rocket Attack U.S.A. (1961). I’m ignoring some of the film’s continuity by making the missile strike an action by rogue Soviet officers, and not an intentional act on the part of the U.S.S.R.

(150)Seen in Show 607’s feature, Bloodlust! (1961).

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(173)Seen in Show 1103’s feature, Time Travelers (1964). In the original film, they contacted 2071, but since that contradicts some of the “futures” seen in other films, I have arbitrarily changed it to 4971, as that better suits the chronology I have in mind.

(174)Seen in Show 302’s feature, Gamera (1965).

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(204)Seen in Show 1005’s feature, Blood Waters of Dr. Z (1971).

(205)Seen in Show 212’s feature, Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973)Rodan and Anguirus make cameo appearances in this film, but take no part in the action.

(206)Seen in Show 305’s feature, Stranded in Space (1973)In the original film, Stryker goes to a “Terra” that is on the opposite side of the Sun from Earth. Since Gamera vs. Guiron already had a “Terra” that was incompatible with this film’s version, I made Stryker’s Terra an other-dimensional counterpart.

(207)Seen in Show 621’s short, Progress Island USA (1973).

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(222)Seen in Show 1204's feature, The Day Time Ended (1980). The future date is my arbitrary choice.

(223)Seen in Show 1112’s feature, Carnival Magic (1981).

(224)Seen in Show 405’s feature, Being from Another Planet (1982) .

(225)Seen in Show 303’s feature, The Pod People (1983).

(226)Seen in Show 704’s feature, The Incredible Melting Man (1983).

(227)Seen in Show 1006’s feature, Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues (1983).

(228)Seen in Show 322’s feature, Master Ninja I (1984)and Show 324’s feature, Master Ninja II (1984).

(229)Seen in Show 911’s feature, Devil Fish (1984).

(230)Seen in Show 211’s feature, First Spaceship on Venus (1960)1985 is the date given in the film.

(231)Seen in Show 1008’s feature, Final Justice (1985).

(232)Seen in Show 604’s feature, Zombie Nightmare (1986).

(233)Seen in Show 516’s feature, Alien from L.A. (1987).

(234)Seen in Show 907’s feature, Hobgoblins (1988).

(235)Seen in Show 1201's feature, Mac and Me (1988)

(236)Seen in Show 519’s feature, Outlaw (1989).

(237)Seen in Show 1203's feature, Lords of the Deep (1989)

(238)Seen in Show 910’s feature, The Final Sacrifice (1990).

(239)Seen in Show 1001’s feature, Soultaker (1990).

(240)Seen in Show 821’s feature, Time Chasers (1994).

(241)Seen in Show 1003’s feature, Merlin’s Shop of Mystical Wonders (1995).

(242)Seen in Show 904’s feature, Werewolf (1996).

(243)Seen in Show 1004’s feature, Future War (1997).

(244)Seen in Show 705’s feature, Escape 2000 (1983). I’m assuming that the number in the title is meant to be the year that the film is set in.

(245)Seen in Show 403’s feature, City Limits (1985)In the film, the plague spreads world-wide, but that would play havoc with the rest of the timeline as I see it, so I’m limiting it to a large but manageable area. The date is just my arbitrary choice, I don’t remember a specific time being mentioned in the movie.

(246 )Seen in Show 1202's feature, Atlantic Rim (2013)

(247)Seen in show 501’s feature, Warrior of the Lost World (1983)The original film posited a worldwide apocalypse. As with the previous film, I am ignoring this element of the film’s continuity in order to better suit the timeline as I see it.

(248)Seen in Show 111’s feature, Moon Zero Two (1969)The date is given in the movie.

(249 )Seen in Show 822’s feature, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (1983)I arbitrarily set the events a century after the film’s release.

(250)Seen in Show 413’s feature, Manhunt in Space (1954) and Show 417’s feature, Crash of Moons (1954) Set arbitrarily three hundred years after their release.

(251)Seen in Show 310’s feature, Fugitive Alien (1978-1986)and Show 318’s feature, Star Force: Fugitive Alien II (1978-1986).

(252)Seen in Show 820’s feature, Space Mutiny (1988)Another date chosen arbitrarily.

(253)Seen in Show 1106’s feature, Starcrash (1978)Another date chosen arbitrarily.

(254)Seen in Show 1103’s feature, The Time Travelers (1964)

(255)Seen in Show 807’s feature, Terror from the Year 5000 (1958)

(256) Seen in Show 1103’s feature, The Time Travelers (1964)

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