Yesterday when I was pulling the cash register drawer from the pharmacy that I work, I found that someone had paid with a roll of dimes, which they opened. To my amazement, the dimes were very old, the earliest being several Mercury dimes from 1941! When I had time to examine them, I had about $2 of dimes ranging from 1941 to 1946.

There was a dime from 1944 which was thinner than the 1941 dimes, due to war shortages.

And the 1946 dime already had Franklin D. Roosevelt's face on it. That was fast as the earliest Kennedy half-dollar I've seen was from 1971.

Anyhoo, my point is, if you had $2 of usable Golden Age currency AND had a working time machine, what comics from 1941-1946 would you go back to buy?

Some rules: no comics earlier than a 1941 cover-date or later than 1946 and no doubles!

Off the top of my head and given the current hot trends, I would first go for:

  • All Star Comics #8
  • Sensation Comics #1
  • Wonder Woman #1
  • Captain America Comics #1
  • More Fun Comics #73
  • All Flash Quarterly #1
  • Adventure Comics #61
  • Sub-Mariner #1

What would be your picks and why?

But really, if anyone does have a time machine, let me know!

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  • FDR died in April 1945, so 1946 wasn't so fast.

    JFK died in November 1963 and the first Kennedy half-dollar was 1964. Now that was fast!

  • Don't spend those dimes! The silver alone is worth more than the surface value, plus numismatists may pay more. They're collectors too!

  • What he said! A quick Google search tells me 1944 dimes go from $3.95 to nearly $500!

  • Well, I know what I'm going to do on my day off!

  • My mother collected old coins and my sister found and spent her 1944 dime on ice cream. My mother wasn't too happy about that.

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