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Yes!!! And I'm buying a vacation home. Am I crazy or just insane?

ClarkKent_DC said:

Ah, the joys of home ownership ... !

On Sept. 11, I watched 9/11, the documentary about, well, 9/11. It was meant to be a documentary about a rookie firefighter's first year on the job, but up to that day, what filmmaker brothers Jules and Gédéon Naudet really wasn't that interesting. The rookie firefighter the Naudet brothers chose got assigned to a firehouse that, oddly, was in a slump and hardly got any calls for an entire month, save for things like getting cats out of trees (really). 

On that fateful day, they got a call to check out a gas leak, and Jules Naudet went along on the call. He captured some of the rarest footage of all: The sight of the first plane hitting the North Tower of the World Trade Center. We were all shocked to see footage of that gaping hole in the building, but there isn't much footage of how it got there. 

That crew immediately went over to the World Trade Center, and Jules Naudet captured footage inside the building, while the firefighters geared up to climb 80 or so stories to get to the fire. I still marvel at that; the narrator mentions it takes about a minute and a half to climb a flight of stairs, which means these guys were looking at two hours of climbing the stairs before they could even get started on the fire. (Not to mention wearing and carrying all that heavy gear to boot.)

Back at the firehouse, brother Gédéon Naudet got man-on-the-street footage of the confusion, and captured the other plane hitting the South Tower. And after the South Tower collapsed, Jules got footage of them all rushing to get out of the North Tower before it fell down, too.

This is the fourth time I've watched this documentary, and, really, the only one I want to. Every time it airs, they do a "where are they now" update about the firefighters shown. By now, all of the command-level officers are retired, but the daughter of one is on the job, in honor of her father. 

The graphic novel (read it online) of the only woman (so Far) awarded the Medal Of Honor, Dr. Mary Walker:

Don't you hate when a technology fails and you have to go back to the older method the isn't as effective?

I've been thinking a lot about my comic book collection recently, specifically how to get rid of it. It's not urgent, but I don't want to transport it (again) if we have to move. Also, I don't like to think of saddling Tracy with it after i die. Actually, I have two comic book collections. First, there is the collection of periodical comics books I've been accumulating my entire life. Second, there's my collection of collections. There is much duplication between the two, but the ones most likely to be duplicated are generally the most valuable. There are quite a few I know I will likely never read again, yet I'm reluctant to get rid of anything I don't have duplicated.

What's got me thinking about this recently is my LCS recent acquired some guy's collection and it is HUGE! Every Marvel Masterwork, every DC Archive and most of the Omnibus editions from both companies, plus 100 longboxes of other tpb and hc collections. Now, rather then thinking about which ones of mine to get rid of, I find myself thinking about which of his I want!

If you come up with any tips about how to what to do with your comics, let us know. I'd love to pare back my accumulation to a true collection, keeping my favorites -- Our Army at War featuring Sgt. Rock and other DC war comics, 100 Bullets, Birds of Prey (the Chuck Dixon and Gail Simone runs), Master of Kung Fu, the Jonah Hex saga (All-Star Western / Weird Western Tales / Jonah Hex / Hex! and the three Joe Lansdale miniseries), Silver Age and Bronze Age Batman and Superman, Frank Miller's runs on Daredevil, etc.)

I think I could easily shed 60 to 80 percent of what I have, but I don't want to just give them away to Goodwill or the Friends of the Library. But I don't think I can make any real money off them because the ones I have that are worth anything I'm not willing to get rid of, and the ones I'm willing to get rid of aren't worth anything.

I just got back from my LCS. Most of what I'm interested in he's selling for cover price; some things that are out of print and hard to find he has marked up. For example, a particular omnibus which originally solf for $100 he's asking $275, but would sell it to me for $250. That's the most expensive book I was interested in, and I know that's what it's going for. The thing is, I get a 35% discount when I pre-order, and these are all things I passed on when they were originally solicited. If I didn't want them for a discount then, it doesn't make any sense to pay full price for them now

Speaking of Jonah Hex, he has quite a few tpbs of the Palmiotti/Gray series. I enjoyed that one but dropped it after 15 or 20 issues or so (don't remember why). I almost bought a tpb collecting all three of the Vertigo series for $25. I have the first two, but I never even saw the third and don't remember it ever being released. Do I want to spend $25 for just three new issues, though? 

Say, is anyone interested in Marvel Masterworks Howard the Duck vol. 1? If I can get rid of my copy I might get the HtD omnibus.

After reading this article I bought a copy of In the Shadow of No Towers, Art Spiegelman's impassioned reaction to 9/11 and what followed in the next few years. It is drawn in the format of a large old Sunday comic strip, each segment printed across two facing pages. The book is a "board book"* and is 10 inches by 14.5 inches.

Every page is the heavy "board" stock usually used for children's books.

Richard Willis said:

I bought In the Shadow of No Towers when it was first released.

I find it difficult to read.

I haven't re-read it since.

Maybe someday.

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