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Pee Wee Herman had a talking head in a box.

So did Señor Wences.



Jeff of Earth-J said:

Near the end (of The Cage) they worry that humans would learn their power of illusion. If it were genetic, as implied in the story, how does one “learn” that?

I took it to mean if humans evolved to have this ability.

Reading Plastic Man #43 I came upon a lava man story called “The Monster of Flame”. Critters like this have appeared over and over in comics. Sometimes they’re hoaxes, sometimes men transformed into a fiery/lava/stone form, sometimes a race of lava men. Here a list - and I’ve no reason for thinking I’ve found every one. They’re known as Lava Men, Volcano Men or Volcano People. I’ve included fakes but not volcano dwellers who aren’t stone-bodied or fiery, such as the ones from the Li’l Pan story “Volcano Men” in Wotalife Comics #9 (Fox, 1947). The items in bold were drawn by Jack Kirby.

1) the Lava Man from the Fearless Flint serial in Famous Funnies #89-#93 (Eastern Color, 1941-42); cover-featured on #89

2) the Lava Man from “The Lava Man”, Plastic Man #2 (Quality, 1944)

3) the Splendoran army from the Captain Marvel story “The Volcano Men!”, The Marvel Family #26 (Fawcett, 1948) (transformed humans) 

4) the petrified men from the Heap story in Airboy Comics v.8 #7 [#90] (Hillman, 1951)(transformed by fumes from a volcano)

5) the Yamaputra lava men from “Yama’s Fiery Fury”, Baffling Mysteries #8 (Ace, 1952)

6) the Lava King from “The Monster of Flame”, Plastic Man #43 (Quality, 1953)

7) the volcano men from “Invasion of the Volcano Men”, Tales of the Unexpected #22 (DC, 1958); cover-featured

8) Anton Belfors from “I Battled the Volcano Man”, My Greatest Adventure #36 (DC, 1959); cover-featured (a transformed human)

9) the monster from “I Fought the Molten Man-Thing!”, Tales of Suspense #7 (Marvel, 1960); cover-featured

10) the volcano men from “Master of the Volcano Men”, Challengers of the Unknown #27 (DC, 1962), and its sequel in #32; cover-featured both times
-one of the monsters was afterwards known as Volcano Man and a member of the Challenger-Haters

11) the Lavanites from “The War Between the Challenger Teams”, Challengers of the Unknown #29 (DC, 1963); cover-featured

12) the Lava Man from “The Lava Man”, the Thor story from Journey into Mystery #97 (Marvel, 1963); the sequel story was “The Invasion of the Lava Men!”, Avengers #5; cover-featured both times

13) the volcano monster from “Drones of the Queen Bee!”, Justice League of America #23 (DC, 1963)

14) synthetic lava men from “The Menace from Inner Space”, Blackhawk #194 (DC, 1964)

15) the Volcano People from “The Case of the Volcano People”, Devil Kids Starring Hot Stuff #30 (Harvey, 1967)

16) the Lava Men from “Richie Rich and Prisoners of the Lava Men”, Richie Rich Profits #7 (Harvey, 1975); cover-featured

17) Magmo the Lava Man from Radioactive Man #2 (“#88”) (Bongo, 1994); cover-featured

Here are some other cases that might quality; in these cases the stories weren't cover-featured; I have information on the first story but not the information I need, and no information on the others:

-the Hawkman story in All-Star Comics #3 (DC, 1940); I've been able to find plot descriptions, but not information on whether the Fire Ghosts were fiery in appearance

-“The Volcano People”, the Ghost Patrol story in Flash Comics #51 (DC, 1944)

-“At Grips with the Lava Men!”, Paul Terry’s Mighty Mouse Comics #40 (St John, 1953)

-“The Lava Men”, Mighty Mouse #161 (Western, 1964)

-“Capt. Marvel and the Volcano People”, Captain Marvel Presents the Terrible Five #5 (M.F. Enterprises, 1967)

Honourable Mention: the Molten Man, who was originally a man with a shiny metal body, but who became one with a fiery form for awhile in The Amazing Spider-Man #132-#133 (Marvel, 1974).

Hot list, Luke.

Luke Blanchard said:

To add to Luke's list, here are a few other "volcano/lava" characters that I remember.

The Boiling Man from Wonder Woman #154 (May 1965)From Metal Men #35 (December 1968-January 1969) another volcano man

Lord Volcanus from Astro City

Val Var Garm from Tom Strong

This one probably doesn't fit Luke's criteria; here is a fire genie emerging from a volcano.  Wonder Woman #120 (February 1961)

This one doesn't fit the criteria, but it does highlight Jack Kirby's fascination with volcanoes.  Victor Volcanum from Jimmy Olsen #147, March 1972

Thanks, JD. It's the puns that keep me going.

Thanks for the additions, Dave. The only one of those I've run into is Victor Volcanium. I would've counted the fire genie; the idea was to trace the reuse of the idea, and I think it fits.

From Black Cat Mystery Comics #30; from the scan of the issue at Digital Comic Museum. Sparkle Plenty is a supporting character from Dick Tracy.

"Open Channel D".

What's the frequency, Baron?
The Baron said:

"Open Channel D".

All the nuts aren't up in trees. 
Mark Sullivan (Vertiginous Mod) said:

Doctor Hmmm? said:
The Baron said:
You're all nuts. Which is why I like you.

Said the squirrel.

We could be corn, too, then. My backyard squirrels love the stuff.

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