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Did they think they'd be less likely to be sued if they changed the names?

Hmm...they used Peter's name, Jonah's name and the Kingpin. I'm guessing it's more likely they didn't have actors available to play the likes of Betty or Flash.

They could have named the girl Liz or Mary Jane instead of Susan.

Magician found dead hanging in a closet at Magic Castle with a bag over his head. Coroner says he did it himself but it was an accident, apparently a magic trick that went wrong. Sounds like they should look into it further.

A Short Marvel Tragedy

"Jarella!" the Hulk cried. He leapt to her, and crushed her to his chest with all his strength.

Moral: Love hurts.

Debate by Wikipedia on whether Garfield is male or not prompts Jim Davis to say yes he's male. How exactly was this not clear? Now if they were confused about Nermal that would have made sense. Davis has been unclear on that character on purpose.

British Comics Awards

The site has pages on the Hall of Fame winners: so far, Raymond Briggs, Leo Baxendale, Posy Simmonds, and Dudley D. Watkins. The links to them are on the "Nominees & Winners" pages in the Previous Years section. The Posey Simmonds page has adult content.

District attorney investigator gets five years for stealing comic books worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I'd not heard of the movie Terror Beneath the Sea. Judging by this YouTube review it may have been the source-material for the Dr Who story "The Underwater Menace".

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