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Having the powers of the Star Trek transporter would effectively make you a god.

Sometimes, when I'm searching what might be worth seeing on TV in the future, I skip through the online guide and read across capsuled descriptions. It produces awesome writing prompts or at least movies that should exist:

-An outstanding jazz score highlights this tale of a rebellious schoolteacher who arrives in town with a homicidal nymphet.

-An incurable optimist is plunged into a rarely-seen world rife with sex, spirituality, robots, and the secrets of the Great Pyramid.

-A widower tries to save a ghostly woman from two space station astronauts.

-A Brooklyn chorus-girl sobers up two former White House aids invading Moscow.

-A giant octopus and a party-animal surfer head by station wagon toward San Francisco.

-Animal-headed men save King Richard and Maid Marian from a major league has-been.

-Tragedy follows when one of Santa's elves and a shy girl share Saturday detention.

I was walking around in an antique store a few days ago, and they had the local easy listening station playing, or, at least, it was what used to be the easy listening station. They were playing an Elton John medley that had parts of several of his songs strung together with a disco or techno beat. It was terrible. I like the four songs individually, but that medley was painful to listen to.

A little later, Whitney Houston's version of "I Will Always Love You" played, and it was immediately followed by John Cougar's "Hurt So Good." It was a mental gear-stripping moment.

There were a lot of records in different stalls in the store. I found a copy of the Blind Faith album and the Buckingham Nicks album, which I was sure I would never see with my own eyes. If I had a good turntable at home, I probably would have bought them.

I also ran across a Superman pogo stick and a Popeye wooden standup.

Very cool! "Antiquing" is something Tracy and I used to do quite frequently, but we stopped for some reason. (I wonder why?)

Neil Gaiman is the cover feature in The Washington Post Magazine"Neil Gaiman’s Books Have Enchanted Millions. Finally, Hollywood Is on Board."

The profile looks at how many of Gaiman's comics, graphic novels and prose novels have languished in development hell or were thought to be unfilmable until recent years. What made the difference? Neil Gaiman's direct involvement in some of these projects, and the belated realization that his stories can't be bent to fit the Hollywood mold. 

Seen in an antique store in Jackson TN

If it was in an antique store I'll bet it was overpriced.

Most of them in that box had $5.00 price tags.

From The Comics Beat (it may be even more dire):

"The DCEU is fine, if by fine you mean a flaming dumpster fire perched on the edge of a volcano full of poison sharks"


This Martin Short bit from the Tonight Show will make your day, particularly the first few minutes.

He roasts Jimmy Fallon and the Trumps.

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