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You know that Paramount has redone the special effects on some episodes of Star Trek? What if someone were to do such a thing with The Giant Claw (1957)?

The special editions of 1950s SF! I nominate Them! (1954) a well-directed movie with awful special effects.

PowerBook Pete, the Mad Mod said:

You know that Paramount has redone the special effects on some episodes of Star Trek? What if someone were to do such a thing with The Giant Claw (1957)?

Here's today's antique store find. I don't have any way to view Super 8 films, so I left them for someone else. Had the prices been lower, I might have bought them anyway.

You and Peggy go antiquing quite a bit. How many different stores do you search? Tracy and I go to three main ones: two in Arlington (where we live). One is somewhat on the small side, The third one we go to is the Montgomery St. Antique Mall in Ft. Worth. That's our favorite. The last time we visited I think we stayed at least five hours. Some antique malls we used to go to have closed in the 20+ years we're been here, but there are still one or two others a little further out we go to when we're in the vicinity and have the time. 

This one is closest to home in Millington TN. We spent about two hours in there yesterday. It's the first time we've been there in maybe a year. We have a circuit of probably 10 places in about a 75 mile radius, and we'll check in with others we might see along the way.

From The Comics Beat

A retailer's opinion piece on how the comics market has changed

What's Wrong with the Periodical???

It's a long opinion piece. The most striking thing to me was, because of multiple distributors and differing arrival dates, many retailers are not waiting for official on-sale dates. They are selling them as soon as they get them.

Metropolis fans might be interested in this programme at Internet Archive. According to the notes it's from the film's British premiere.

Last year, I really fell behind in my comic reading in general. As an example, last month I was still reading comics that came out in July. My unread back issues are even worse, I hadn't read any of them since February or March.

The way I generally did it, was once I caught up on new comics, I would start reading the back issues. I decided to try a new tact. Now, I'm just splicing in my back issues into the box I keep my new comics in. Its already paying off, I might have read more of my back issue than I did last year.

Trades and graphic novels are just kind of whenever. Good for trips!

If you happen live near an Ollie's Bargain Outlet ... my local Ollie's just received a shipment of overstock DC Omnibi and other DC hardbacks.  A mixed bag, most of which I already have -- some SA Titans, SA Legion, and GA Green Arrow and GA Superman.  I picked up the I Ching era Wonder Woman and War of the Gods Omnibi, together with Conway's New Gods and Vol 2 of the Newsboy Legion. 

So ... maybe worth your time to see if your Ollie's has anything new in stock.

"Atomas" was a SF adventure feature that appeared in the French comic Mon Journal in 1948. It was written by R. Charroux and drawn by Pellos. I first read about it at Cool French Comics. Some time ago I posted a link to an online translation. That version of the post (here) doesn't have large images of all the pages. This version does. I find the serial delightful.

Neither link has the penultimate page, and the final page isn't included at the latter link. They appeared in Mon Journal #86. They were drawn by someone else - they're signed "d'apres Pellos" - and bring the story to a conclusion. They're actually drawn in a pretty good imitation of Pellos's style except for the Atomas figure in the final panel. Here they are (the second image is from the former link):

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