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Finally got around to seeing the season 4 finale...which means I'm finally free to watch this teaser clip! It'll be interesting to see how long these newcomers last -- I think all but Curtis will wash out. 

And no surprise that it looks like the biggest development from last season (on a global scale) will be handwaved this season... that all of the world's nukes have been shot off into space. That seems a trifle destabilizing, doesn't it?

We'll just build more!

Actually, was it all the world's nukes, or just the ones controlled by NATO?

In case you don't know, this coming week (Nov 28 - Dec 1), the CW network shows will have a four part crossover.

It begins with Supergirl on Monday, Flash on Tuesday, Arrow on Wednesday and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursday.

Anyone who doesn't watch all four shows should consider watching all of them and, I would guess, in the order broadcast.

Arrow returns with new episodes tomorrow, Wednesday, January 25.

Katie Cassidy, who has been dissed by us quite a bit, showed a lot of range in the January 25 episode. She was complicated and alternately sympathetic and scary.

Given that she was a Black Canary dodge, as was Artemis, and they destroyed the statue and won't rebuild it, I suspect a new Black Canary is in the offing.

That's what the next episode seems to be about. Though I was kind of hoping, like Ollie, that Black Siren would reform, simply because it fits with Black Canary's Earth-2 backstory from the pre-Crisis comics.

I think when they have a new Black Canary they will occasionally use Katie Cassidy as Black Siren as a villain in the Flash and Arrow shows.

She could join the Legion of Doom!

As noted in this article, they showed a character with a sonic cry in the promo for the February 1st episode. The character is Tina Boland, played by Juliana Harkavy. Ms Harkavy has multiple mixed heritages, part of which is African. So, depending on handling, the new Black Canary could follow the naming conventions of Black Lightning and Black Goliath.

New episodes of Arrow return April 26.

Jeez. When the chips are down, you can always trust Ollie to make the worst decision imaginable. 

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