I've sat through the NEW 52 and only bitched a little. I'm actually enjoying most of the Marvel NOW books. I understand that books are written for me exclusively, and when I don't like a book, I normally walk away from it quietly without much grousing.

I want to make that clear so that when I say I HATE the first issue of AVENGERS ARENA, you know I mean it. 

I don't care what the second issue, or the third, or the fourth, fifth, sixth or tenth bring--I'm out. If I saw this book lying on the floor of my living room, I'd scold my dogs for abandoning their house training.

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Are you saying this is a rip off of the Hunger Games concept?  Can we expect them ALL to die?

It's not even a good ripoff of The Hunger Games or Battle Royale.   

I would really like someone to explain to me why I would want to read this.  The concept sounds more repugnant than anything else.

I bought a copy at the suggestion of my LCBS clerk, but I haven't read it yet. Tonight, while on dinner, I expect I'll plow through it and give you my reaction.

Lets hope it reaches the dizzy heights of Countdown: Arena, eh?

OK, I read it on dinner break. It's about what you would expect.  Sets up an arena  type situation, conducted by just who you would expect, and to get the ball rolling, the villian plays "You are the Weakest Link" with the 16 kids. One volunteers and gets blown away.

I'm not completely appalled at this, cause I knew going in that it was going to be a bloodbath.

However, I'm also not convinced that the deaths that we're seeing are actual physical deaths yet. But I could be wrong.  There's some good interaction between known characters as you would expect, but we haven't been introduced to all the contestants, except through a caption box placed over each one, to label them for us.

I don't think I'm going to continue with this, but lets hope Marvel hears us vote with our pocket books on the concept.

However, I'm also not convinced that the deaths that we're seeing are actual physical deaths yet.

Then it's a cheat and poor writing. 

Why is Arcade now powered up to the point where no one can touch him?  Not explained.  Not even hinted at.  All we get is "I'm tired of being a joke, so now I'm not."  B.F.D.

Why is Arcade now powered up to the point where no one can touch him?  Not explained.


Monarch would still kick his A though.

The owner of my LSH put it in my P&H by virtue of the fact Tracy once had Runaways on her pull list. I had never heard of it so I put it back on the shelf. Heard of it now and glad I did so.

It's not THAT bad. I liked the first issue just fine; the second one I thought was okay, and have yet to read the third. I really like Kev Walker's artwork. Dennis Hopeless has yet to leave me...well, hopeless. Still, I'm just waiting for one issue to get me to drop it.

I think it would probably have more meaning to me if I knew who any of these characters (including the bad guy) were.

Arcade is the big bad, right?  Or at least the one we've seen so far? 

I have no desire to read this comic whatsoever due more to the premise than anything else, but if it is Arcade, I can understand why some people might be a little off-put.  It would be like the Circus of Crime suddenly being the driving force behind the Maggia.

Yep, that's the feeling I get, everytime I see Arcade...


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