I just discovered this Batman series on Netflix after refusing to give it a chance during its initial run, and I wish I knew what I'd been thinking. Pure silver age goodness. Seeing 'Mazing Man and the Creature Commandos animated was probably the high point for me, but I'm wondered what other Legionnaire's favs are, especially since I've been watching them piecemeal instead of in order.

Wish they'd done a G.I. Robot episode...

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The trio of Catwoman, Huntress and Black Canary singing was my favorite, but second after that came the Marvel Family and Doom Patrol episodes. I didn't like it when it was first on, but like the Teen Titan's theme song it grew on me.

I loved the Wonder Woman episode where they kept playing the Wonder Woman theme song from the early 80's.

Yeah, me too -- that show wasn't on my radar until I saw the articles about it being canceled. I caught a marathon of episodes via the on-demand channel on my local cable system, and was kicking myself over what I had missed. The first one I saw was its version of the demise of the Doom Patrol, which was pretty grim, but not too much so.

I particularly liked the one where Batman suffered a broken leg, and Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and Captain Marvel impersonated him -- each wearing a Batman costume, but using their own weapons and powers -- and find that they can't measure up.

I really really wish that Aquaman was portrayed in the comics as he was on that cartoon. He would be about a hundred times more interesting, and he would play a much-needed Thor or Hercules role in the DCU. I would actually read an Aquaman or Justice League comic that had that Aquaman in it.

Yes. Aquaman. Yes.

Interestingly, I felt the opposite way about their portrayal of Aquaman. "Stop trying to make him Marvel's Hercules" I kept thinking.

I just think it would help differentiate Aquaman from the other super-heroes, especially those of the Justice League. Batman is slightly darker than the others, but other than that, all of the Justice League members (in the big seven; I'm not counting Giffen/DeMatties's Booster/Beetle version) are pretty much the same, with the exact same personality.

They could really use a happy, boisterous guy to counteract that. They have tried with Plastic Man, but the only reaction he got in his time was "This is serious, Plas. Come on, focus."

Get over yourselves! Come on, you need a brew-lifting tough guy with a grin on his face to lighten up the place.

Mr. Satanism said:

Interestingly, I felt the opposite way about their portrayal of Aquaman. "Stop trying to make him Marvel's Hercules" I kept thinking.

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