1. I must admit that I'd never heard of Mary Seacole before. Still learning from this show after all these years.  I generally like these "Meeting a figure from history" stories.
  2. "They're fighting Sontarans."  I'm glad to see them bring the Sontarans back to being a real threat.  As much as I've loved Dan Starkey as Strax (and was glad to see Starkey still playing a Sontaran here), I was afraid that they'd been turned into purely comedic figures.
  3. Not overwhelmed by the Mouri and Temple of Atropos stuff.  Also not impressed by Swarm and Azure as heels so far.
  4. "WWTDD" - Oooohhh, that's really cheesy.  So far, Yaz is really getting short shrift in this, not a lot of character development so far.
  5. "Rice pudding and hard liquor boost morale."  I've never had rice pudding.  I wonder if you can get it around here.
  6. And we meet Dan's parents.  We hardly ever met companions' relatives in the old series.
  7. "Commander Lynx"  - a callback to "The Time Warrior".
  8. "Half a league onward" - a quote from Tennyson.
  9. "Now I'm gonna wok right outta here." HAR! HAR! HAR!
  10. "You're welcome, idiot." I bet Dan and Karvanista end up becoming pals, or at least develop a grudging respect.
  11. "Hit the road, Skaak." HAR! HAR! HAR! 2.0


Overall:  Sill fairly busy, but an improvement over the first part.

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  • Sara Powell (Mary Seacole) is no stranger to the world of Doctor Who, having performed in many audio adventures from Big Finish. Her specialty is accents, and I will always remember her best as Number Nine from The Prisoner

    "...an improvement over the first part."

    As I recall, I enjoyed each successive episode more than the one that preceded it... up to the point I realized Flux wasn't going to deliver on its (implied) promise. 

  • Whatever that is.

    Jeff of Earth-J said:

    up to the point I realized Flux wasn't going to deliver on its (implied) promise. 

  • Well, I'll tell you what I thought it was going to be later so as not to spoil what will or won't be included.

    And you probably won't get this one DVD, but the TV spot for one of the upcoming episodes was cut and presented in such a way as to to imply something was going to be revealed. At this point, it's just something I was hoping would happen. 

  • Another thought that occurred to me:  It really goes beyond believability that the Sontarans wouldn't have left an "Officr of the Watch"  (or whatever the proper term is) on duty while all the rest of them went for their "refueling", so that no one could do exactly what the Doctor and Pals did.

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