1. Nice to see the Sea Devils again.  I always liked them better than the Silurians.
  2. "Sea Devil." "Land parasite."
  3. It would've been funny as Hell if the sea mpnster had turned out to be the Myrka.
  4. "Not a bad date, am I?"
  5. "No ship, Sherlock." Ho-ho-ho...
  6. "You really pimped his ride."
  7. "Where did you learn to deal with your enemies like that?"  "You should meet me mum."
  8. "I was a different man back then."
  9. "I wish this would go on forever."  Of course, the Doctor's tragedy is that they can't maintain a long-term reltionship woth a mortal, at least not one that's "lomg-term" from their point of view.. To a being that's so old that they no longer even know how old they are, even a long human lifespan is vanishingly short.



Another OK story. , they didn't alter them out of all recognition the way they did the Silurians.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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  • "No ship, Sherlock."

    Reminded me of the scene in which the Fourth Doctor was going to "flush out" the TARDIS with Adric. 

    The old phony knew that would never happen, even if they hadn't been on a barge.

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