Strangers in Space:

1)"Yes, it all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard - and now it's turned out to be quite a - quite a great spirit of adventure, don't you think?"


2)"He threw a parson's nose at me."


3)"We come from the 28th Century."  Interesting - these people have no problem with the idea that Team TARDIS are time travelers.


4)"I learned not to meddle in other people's affairs years ago."


5)These people can damage the TARDIS just like that?


6)Oh, no! It's a weepy, shuffling guy!


7)Cliffhanger #1:  A Sensorite looks in the window!


The Unwilling Warriors:

8)"Because you were strong-willed and without fear..."   Green Lantern Susan Foreman?


9)"I don't make threats - but I do keep promises.  And I promise you I shall cause you more trouble than you bargained for if you don't return my property."


10)"They can see better than we humans."  "We humans"?


11)"I know sometimes what you're thinking."  Yipe.


12)Cliffhanger #2:  Susan leaves with the Sensorites!


Hidden Danger

13)The Sensorites are kind of wussy.


14)Interesting to see Susan stand up to the Doctor.  Ford has said that if she'd gotten more stories like this she might've stayed longer.


15)Cliffhanger #3: Ian is sick!


A Race Against Death

16)"I have never thought of that."  I question the notion that it has never occurred to these people that they could impersonate one another just by changing shirts.


17)"You fool!"


18)Cliffhanger #4: Something growls at the Doctor!



19)"I heard them over t-t-talking."  Sensorites get fumblemouth!


20)"Beau Brummell always said I looked better in a cloak."


21)"I have never liked weapons at any time.  Still, they're handy little things."


22)"I wonder where they're up to? Where they've gone to?"  Susan gets fumblemouth!


23)Cliffhanger #5: Carol gets kidnapped!


A Desperate Venture

24)"Grandfather and I don't come from Earth."


25)"It's ages since we've seen our planet.  It's quite like Earth, but at night they sky is a burnt orange and the leaves on the trees are bright silver."


26)"He will be banished to the outer wastes."  So, what, out Amarillo way?


27)"So, you think I'm an imcompetent old fool, do you?"  "Well, now that you mention it..."



I quite enjoyed this.  The Sensorites are a bit wishy-washy, but it's interesting to see a story where the humans are the baddies.  One pictures the humans on their way home, saying: "Well, the Sense-Sphere was a washout, let's see if there's anything we can exploit over on the Ood-Sphere." 

It was nice to see them try to develop Susan's character a bit, even if it turned out to be too little, too late.

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I watched episode one (and the Three Stooges’ Soup to Nuts) last night. It’s off to a good start, and I think you hit all the highlights. I wonder why they chose to recap the entire series up to this point at this time? It’s neither the end of season one nor the beginning of season two. This is a six-parter, and I think the show was better in the early days about running multi-parters without filler than it later became. It does seem odd that the TARDIS could be sabotaged like that. Anyway, it’s off to a good start but I’ll probably stretch it out until the end of the week.

I thought Hartnell was quite good in this.


Also, watching it, I was struck at how much the Sensorites looked like male counterparts to the Cryons from "Attack of the Cybermen".

Finished this one over the weekend. Both Tracy and I agree that this is one of the best stories of the Hartnell era. I would be very surprised if RTD didn't have the Sensorites in mind when he came up with the Ood.

Oh, sure - both stories where the aliens are harmless enough until provoked by greedy humans.

I mean the general look of them, too… especially the devices which hang from their respective heads (and the question of how they could have evolved that way).

I guess there’s only one more First Doctor story to be released that’s available in its entirety: Planet of Giants. But that’s only a three-parter. Maybe they’ll animate the two missing episodes of The Reign of Terror and release all nine together. I’m a little bit disappointed at some of the upcoming releases. I’ve been looking forward to The Face of Evil, but I’d rather see some stories that haven’t yet been released before they release special editions of The Tomb of the Cybermen and The Three Doctors. that’s going to make for a long wait from March 13 to whenever they get around to the next previously unreleased one.

I'm seeing "The Daemons" listed for April 10th and "Dragonfire", "Nightmare of Eden" and "The Happiness Patrol" listed for May 8th.

Woo-hoo! The last time I checked, I saw only the special editions, and when the coming attractions showed only those, I assumed those were going to be it. (They had been slowing down there for a while.) Anyway, thanks for the good news. I wouldn't've checked again until March 13.

I'm (oddly) looking forward to "The Happiness Patrol."

If you ever watch Season 25 in its entiretly, I strongly urge you to watch it in its INTENDED order, rather than the screwed-up order that was a result of some SPORTS EVENT re-scheduling snafu...





GREATEST SHOW was shown last, and it is painfully obvious that the relationship between The Doctor and Ace develops over the course of these 4 stories, and that it should be seen 2nd, not 4th. Also, SILVER NEMESIS was obviously meant to be the season finale. The pacing of the 4 stories keeps increasing over the course of the 4, and SILVER NEMESIS has so much going by so fast, it feels like it should have been a 4-parter.. if not 5 or 6. It's really a case of BAD writing, cramming that much into too little space and expecting any of it to work or make sense at all. there are some terrific ideas and action set-pieces in there, but over multiple viewings I've come to feel they're almost totally ruined by the way the whole thing was done.

It's also "department of unmittigated nerve" when you consider SILVER NEMESIS has almost the IDENTICAL plot to REMEMBRANCE OF THE DALEKS, right down to modern-day neo-Nazis. It's like they took a 4-parter, crammed it into 3, ands then ADDED more stuff to the mix on top of that. Perhaps they felt they could tell an entire "epic" in SHORTHAND, since viewers would have already seen it a few weeks earlier. Not having it at the end of the season, where it could atr least act as a "bookend", only made it worse. (But then, the BBC was doing everything it could to KILL the show at that point, without actually admitting it to the taxpayers.)

I'll make a note of it. (Now if they'd only get around to releasing "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy" on DVD.)

There was a scene in one of the the "Senorite" episodes in which the Doctor says, "What!" and sound very much like David Tennent.

This just arrived in the mail today, together with The Krotons and The Ambassadors of Death.

Action Lad gets first pick of what to watch.

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