'Doctor Who' Threads: A 'Moving' Appeal

OK, as some of you may have noticed, I have been slowly but steadily moving as many of the Doctor Who threads that are on the list of same into the new "Doctor Who" forum that the Skipper has recently created. I have now moved all of the threads that i can find that I can move. The rest are threads that I cannot move, because they were started by people who are not me.  To my surprise, there are something like 121 such threads, only half of which were started by Jeff.

I am posting below a list of all such unmoved threads.  Many of them are by folks who no longer post here.  However, many of them are by people who  do still  post here. It is these latter folks that I am addressing here (obviously).  My request is that - if you have the time, energy and motivation - you examine the list below and move your own threads that are named therein.  It's an easy enough procedure.  .  (NOTE:  The newest iteration of the site has a tendency to occasionally truncate thread titles when one edits the original post, so make sure that you restore the title when needed when you move a thread or edit it in any other way.)  Also, if you do move them, please note it here, so I can adjust the list.

If for whatever reason you do not or cannot move your thread(s), it's not the end of the world. They'll just  have to wait until the Skipper recuperates from his epic struggle with the Evil Princess Covidia. (Unless other Mods can move them?)



  1. The Claws of Axos
  2. Carnival of Monsters
  3. The Brain of Morbius
  4. The Keeper of Traken
  5. Logopolis
  6. Ghost Light
  7. Torchwood
  8. Sarah Jane Adventures – Season 5
  9. The Lost TV Episodes: Volume 1: 1964-1965
  10. The BBC Radio Episodes
  11. Peri and the Piscon Paradox
  12. Quinnis
  13. Relative Dimensions
  14. An Earthly Child
  15. Sixth Doctor and Jamie Audio Adventures
  16. 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men
  17. The Light at the End
  18. The Beginning
  19. The Eighth Doctor Adventures
  20. The Time War Saga – The Collected War Doctor
  21. The Diary of River Song
  22. Dark Eyes (Eighth Doctor)
  23. Classic Doctors, New Monsters
  24. The Last Adventure (of the Sixth Doctor)
  25. Eighth Doctor: Doom Coalition
  26. Miscellaneous Big Finish Audios
  27. The Eighth Doctor – The Time War
  28. Eighth Doctor: Ravenous
  29. Travels With Charley
  30. Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter
  31. Missy
  32. Gallifrey
  33. The Adventures of Rose Tyler
  34. The Legacy of Time
  35. The Sixth Doctor & Constance
  36. The Seventh Doctor, Mel & Ace
  37. Doctor Who: Out of Time
  38. The Eighth Doctor: Stranded
  39. Masterful
  40. The Ninth Doctor Adventures
  41. Dalek Universe
  42. The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles
  43. The Twelfth Doctor Chronicles
  44. UNIT: Nemesis
  45. The Sixth Doctor & Evelyn
  46. UNIT – The New Series
  47. Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time
  48. The First Doctor Adventures
  49. Doctor Who Paperbacks
  50. Caroline John (Liz Shaw) dies at 72
  51. Mary Tamm dies of cancer at age 62
  52. The Sixth Doctor's Companions




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  • I just moved over the first ten on my list. (How could I not after such an impassioned plea?) I'll move the rest over the course of the next few days. (Of the ten I have moved so far, two of the titles were truncated.) When we moved to Ning 3.0, we lost the ability to "pin" threads, but I just thought of a workaround (on a limited basis). Certain topics (I'm thinking the "Index of Doctor Who Threads" for starters) could be moved under "SOME ESSENTIALS" (upper left box of the landing page). 

    • Thanks, I'll have to give that a try when I get a chance,

    • I think a mod will probably have to do that.

    • It's a good idea, so I did it.

  • I have adjusted the list in the OP to reflect the threads that Jeff has moved.

  • I have moved all threads on this list created by everyone except Jeff. At least I think I did, my short-term memory being what it is currently.

    Short-term memory: You never miss it 'til it's gone!

    • Thank you, sir.  I've adjusted the opening listy accordingly.  So, it's all up to Jeff, now.  ;)

    • All my discussions have now been moved.

      I noticed that it is mainly the older ones in which the titles become truncated during the moving process. Also, some of the formatting (underlining and paragraphs) is lost on the older threads. I will clean these up if/when they are ever bumped to the top or I revisit them myself.

    • Some art is lost on older threads, too. Bill had something that the HTML tells me involved Flash, which is no longer supported anywhere. So it's just -- gone.

      Some threads had posts or answers that had weird coding because they were copy/pasted from somewhere else. I fixed some of the more egregious ones.

    • Thanks again, gents.  I noticed that two threads that I had created as  blog posts ("I Like Ham") couldn't be moved.  No biggie if they can't.


      I hope that you're feeling better, Andrew.

This reply was deleted.