Golden Age JSA Timeline

The following is a timeline derived from my reading of All-Star Comics issues 3 - 57.  Input will be only from the stories in those comics. No subsequnet amendments or addiitons will be included.  The issues various lines are derived from will be noted as follows:  "All-Star Comics #3" will be represented as "ASC3".



998,050 BC:

The Fire People of the Yellow Comet destroy the human civilization existing on Earth. (ASC49)



98,050 BC:

The Four Kings of the ancient super-race are placed in suspended animation.



The Stone Age:

Hawkman overcomes prejudice against one of the first artists. (ASC22)



9638 BC:

The Green Lantern witnesses the destruction the kingdom of Queen Atlantea while obtaining the Swanley murder weapon. (ASC53)



480 BC:

In Greece, Starman overcomes prejudice against slaves. (ASC22)



331 BC:

The JSA defeats Per Degaton's men at the Battle of Arbela. (ASC35)



71 BC:

The Atom and Hawkman encounter Spartacus while trying to obtain the Swanley murder weapon. (ASC53)




Doctor Mid-Nite and Wonder Woman encounter Attila the Hun whule trying to obtian the Swanley murder weapon. (ASC53)



Medieval Times:

In England, Johnny Thunder overcomes prejudice against serfs. (ASC22)




The Black Canary and the Flash encounter Tamurlane while trying to obtain the Swanley murder weapon.  (ASC53)



1410: Hawkman shows Dick Amber the violence of the Teutonic Knights. (ASC24)



17th Century:

In America, theAtom overcomes prejudice against a woman accused of witchcraft. (ASC22)



1725 - ca. 1740:

Mister Terrific shows Dick Amber the militarism of Frederick the Great's Germany. (ASC24)




Doctor Mid-Nite saves a nobleman in Revolutionary France. (ASC22)




In America, the Spectre helps overcome prejudice against an inventor. (ASC22)




Doctor Mid-Nite shows Dick Amber the brutal nature of the Prussian Junkers, (ASC24)




The Atom shows DIck Amber the treacherous naute of Otto von Bismarck, (ASC24)




Wldcat shows Dick Amber the brutal nature of Wilhelmine Germany. (ASC24)




Hawkman helps prevent Joe Fitch from being an accessory to a bank robbery.  (ASC21)




The Sandman helps prevent Joe Fitch from committing a murder.  (ASC21)




Starman helps prevent Joe Fitch from blowing up a saloon.  (ASC21)



Circa 1917-1918: Doctor Mid-Nite helps prevent Joe Fitch from deserting under fire during World War One. (ASC 21)




Johnny Thunder shows Dick Amber the early Naxi Party. (ASC24)




Doctor Fate helps Joe Fitch extricate himself from a gang of rum-runners. (ASC21)




Rob Victor is convicted of the murder of Tim Kimball. (ASC25)




Johnny Thunder helps prevent Joe Fitch form helping to rig an election. (ASC21)




Jay Garrick graduates from college. (ASC50)


In winter of this year, the Atom, Doctor Fate, the Flash, the Green Lantern, Hakwman, Hourman, the Sandman and the Spectre attend the first meeting of the Justice Society of America.  Johnny Thunder crashes the meeting, but is allowed to remain. The Red Tornado is also briefly present, but leaves in embarassment at having torn her pants.  The assembled heroes trade stories of their adventures.  At the end of the meeting, they learn that they have been summoned to Washington, DC, to meet with the director of the FBI on the following Tuesday.  (ASC3)


At the FBI director's request, the JSA battles Axis agents across the USA.  The heroes are inadvertently aided by Johnny Thunder. (ASC4)




The JSA battles a criminal gang headed by the mysterious Mister X. (ASC5)


The Flash downgrades to honorary membership. Johnny Thunder is inducted into the JSA after inadvertently capturing a gang of criminals. (ASC6)


The JSA raises $1,000,000.00 to aid war orphans in Europe and Asia, with help from honorary members Batman, the Flash and Superman.  The Green Lantern downgrades to honorary membership. Hourman is given a leave of absence. (ASC7)


The JSA battles the criminal known as Professor Elba.  Doctor Mid-Nite and Starman join the team. (ASC8)




At the request of the FBI. the JSA battles Axis agents in Latin America. (ASC9)


The JSA travels into the future to obtain a bomb-defense formula. (ASC10)


The JSA and Wonder Woman take part in the Pacific War, battling the Japanese in the Philippines, Wake Island, Singapore, Unalaska, Formosa and elsewhere.  The adopt the alternate name of "the Justice Battalion of America".  (ASC11)


Wonder Woman volunteers to be the JSA's secretary. The JSA battles the Black Dragon Society.  (ASC12)


Axis agents capture the JSA and launch them into space in rockets. After battling evil on the various planets of the Solar System, they return toEarth with scientific secrets obtained during their adventures.  (ASC13)


The JSA works to feed the population of occupied Europe.  (ASC14)




The JSA battles the Brain Wave for the first time, with some assistance from the women in their lives. (ASC15)


The JSA battles attempts by Axis agents to spread dissension in the USA.  (ASC16)


The JSA battles the Brain Wave again, when he shrinks them down to tiny size.  (ASC17)


The JSA battles the King Bee. (ASC18)


The JSA foils the musical vengeance of Hector Bauer. (ASC19)




The JSA battles the Monster. (ASC20)


The JSA agrees to travel into the past in order to change the past of Joe Fitch.  (ASC21)

Subsequently,  Doctor Fate and the Sandman leave the team.


The Conscience of Man tests the JSA by sending them into the past to overcome human hatred and prejudices. (ASC22)


The JSA battles the Psycho-Pirate.  (ASC23)

At some point after this, the Spectre and Starman leave the team.




The JSA and the Conscience of Man show Dick Amber why it is necessary to fight the Germans. Mister Terrific and Wildcat join the team for this adventure only. The Flash and the Green Lantern resume active membership. (ASC24)


The JSA exonerates Rob Victor of the murder of Tim Kimball. (ASC25)


The JSA battles metal invaders from Jupiter. (ASC26)


The JSA shows handicapped children that they can still contribute to society. Wildcat temporarily fills in for the Atom. (ASC27)




The JSA battles the living paintings created by Nels Farrow.  (ASC28)


The JSA battles Landor. (ASC29)


The JSA battles the Brain Wave and his dream machine. (ASC30)


The JSA battles Zor. (ASC31)


The JSA battles the Psycho-Pirate a second time.  (ASC32)




The JSA battles Solomon Grundy. (ASC33)


The JSA battles the Wizard. (ASC34)


The JSA battles Per Degaton. (ASC35)


Al Pratt is injured playing basketball. Johnny Thunder catches a cold.  Batman and Superman fill in for them temporarily as the JSA battles Calvin Stymes' plan to use the strange river Koehaha for his revenge against men he beleives have wronged him. (ASC36)


The JSA battles the first Injustice Society of the World. (ASC37)


The JSA and the Black Canary battle a guard at a wax-works who is impersonating historical figures to commit robberies. (ASC38)




The JSA and the Black Canary battle the Lorelei in Fairyland. (ASC39)

At some point after this, Johnny Thunder leaves the team.


The JSA and the Black Canary battle the Crimson Claw Gang. (ASC40)


The JSA and the Black Canary battle the second Injustice Society of the World. The Black Canary is made a member of the team. (ASC41)


The JSA battles the Alchemist. (ASC42)


The JSA battles Aurikon and his golden men on Earth and Xenca. (ASC43)


The JSA battles Evil Star in Hollywood. (ASC44)





The JSA battles Doctor Felix Egri and several cosmic-powered criminals. (ASC45)


The JSA battles the Invisible Band. (ASC46)


The JSA battles actor Hal Hampden, who is posing as the Ghost of Billy the Kid. (ASC47)


Hoping to bolster the morale of the ailing Edmund Blake, the JSA shows him scenes of his future life. Subsequently, he helps them defeat the X-Criminal gang. (ASC48)





The JSA battles the Fire People of the Yellow Comet. (ASC49)


The JSA battles Mister Alpha. (ASC50)


The JSA battles the subterranean Diamond Men. (ASC51)


The JSA are placed in suspended animation by the newly-awakened Four Kings of the ancient super-race. (ASC52)




The JSA awakens and battles the Four Kings. (ASC52)


The JSA investigates the murder of Doctor Swanley, using his Time Chute to pursue the muder weapon back through time.  (ASC53)


The JSA battles the Circus of 1,000 Thrills. (ASC54)


The JSA battles the People of the Green Star on Jupiter and Mars. (ASC55)


Professor Canfield Ellery comes to this time to summon the JSA to battle the Chameleons. (ASC56)




The JSA battles the Key when he kidnaps four famous detectives. (ASC57)




Edmund Blake helps the Black Canary and Wonder Woman capture some criminals in Television Town.  (ASC48)




In a timeline which is later un-made, the time-traveling Green Lantern discovers the other members of the JSA as fugitives form Per Degaton. (ASC35)





Edmund Blake helps the Atom and Hawkman save some people from a sinking ship. (ASC48)



ca 1961:

Edmund Blake encounters Doctor Mid-Nite and the Green Lantern when he is part of an expedition that discovers prehistoric animals in Australia. (ASC48)


Edmund Blake and the Flash save Joan Nevins from the machinations of Steve Somers. (ASC48)




Landor is born. (ASC29)




The JSA visits this time period in order to obtain a bomb-defense formula. (ASC10)



2446: Landor travels back in time seeking adventure, but returns after his battle with the JSA. (ASC29)



31st Century:

The people of New Modernia summon the JSA through time to help them battle the Chameleons. (ASC56)




Archaeologists discover the jars of living paint sealed by the JSA.  (ASC28)




TheYellow Comet is due to return to the Solar System. (ASC49)

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  • Awesome! Thanks for making it easier for the rest of us to research JSA stories!

  • I was astonished at how much time traveling they did.

  • I wonder how consistent this timeline would be with the characters' solo adventures? I'm thinking especially of characters capable of time travel, like The Spectre, Dr. Fate and Green Lantern. If you add time travel by Superman and Batman (Prof. Nichols), it's almost surprising they didn't run into each other at major historical events.

    I already know that there was no consistency whatsoever about who or what lives in our solar system. There must have been dozens of stories at DC/AA alone with entirely different civilizations on Mars.

  • From what little I've read  of the characters' solo adventures, they weren't always consistent with themselves.  My belief was always that the notion of a company-wide "continuity" basically arrived with the Marvel Universe in the 60's when Stan was writing all the books himself, though I'm open to correction.

  • That's my understanding as well.

    You know, if you add up all time travelers in fiction, there must have been mob scenes at major historical events. I bet Lincoln's assassination was a party. I think I remember Superman, Superboy, Lex Luthor, the Time Tunnel guys, etc. I bet Booster Gold, Rip Hunter and the LSH were there, too. A time-travel story that took all that into account would be hilarious!

    "Oh, hello, Batman, what are you doing here at the Battle of Yorktown?"

    "Oh, hey, Superman. I came to get Gen. "Mad" Anthony Wayne's hat for... well, it's hard to explain why, really. In fact, I may have been here already. It's a Grant Morrison thing. Have you been here long?"

    "That's not an easy question to answer. Say, is that the Golden Age Atom over there?"

    "Hmmm. No, I think that's Booster Gold in disguise. Speaking of the JSA, I saw The Spectre down by the river. He and Dr. Fate were magically uncinching saddles so that the soldiers would fall into the water and laughing themselves sick."

    "Whose soldiers? The British? Is that why Washington won?"

    "I don't think they cared which soldiers. Those guys are really strange."

    "I suppose if they were really in danger of changing history, they'd turn into phantoms. Like Lex Luthor over there."

    "Phantoms? What are you talking about? I change history all the time!"

    "Me, too!"

    "Oh, hello, Ray. Time-Pooling again?"

    "Yeah, but I'm supposed to be at the fall of Rome. But I hid inside a toga that turned out was being worn by one of the Time Tunnel guys. Next thing you know, I'm at a Legion of Super-Heroes party at Ben Franklin's house. Geez, that guy could drink! Kept blithering on about some guy named Deadpool. I hitched a ride when Rip Hunter passed through, figuring somebody down here could give me a ride home."

    "Not if you're a phantom! You can't change history!"

    "Oh, hello, Superboy. Sounds like you and your older self here have a lot to talk about."

    And so on.

  • Oh, sure, and throw in all of the Doctor Whos, and Doraemon, and just about every Star Trek crew...

  • Since you mentioned Lincoln, Cap,Mark Moonrider and Beautiful Dreamer were both in the room when he was shot, too!


    Stacey Keach, alas, didn't make it there in time to stop it...

  • I've never read it, but I've heard of a story in which a guy time travels back in time to view the Crucifixion and discovers that every person there - including the "Guest of Honor" - is a time traveler also!

  • Sounds similar to "Behold the Man," which also involved time-travel and a surprise guest of honor.

  • In "Behold the Man" only the guest of honor is the time traveler.

    Captain Comics said:

    Sounds similar to "Behold the Man," which also involved time-travel and a surprise guest of honor.

This reply was deleted.