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I watched it last night. Season three is off to a good start (if you liked seasons one and two, that is).

This new character “Valerie Vale” is extremely annoying (but I guess she’s supposed to be). The character had “romantic interest” written all over her. I had hoped they wouldn’t jump into it unconvincingly soon (as they did), but OTOH fireworks are on the horizon with Lee back in town.

Civilians storm past the police seeking vigilante justice against Fish Mooney and some are killed in the process. Those expecting realistic consequences to arise from that fiasco shold probably look away.

Good performance by Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Ivy has now been unnaturally aged to an adult. It will be interesting to see how Selina reacts when she finds out.

Will Bruce give up his search into Wayne Enterprises and the investigation into his parents’ murder? What’s Alfred up to with the dancing lessons? I’m intrigued by Bruce’s “twin” who has now made his way to stately Wayne Manor.

I was also impressed with Jada Pinkett-Smith's layered performance. The other things you mention are strong elements that should make for a strong season three. I'm looking forward to more Ivy. She's already very much a defender of plants. Maybe Hugo Strange will be turned loose to make more enhanced people and give her poison capabilities, etc. The preview of Mad Hatter looks pretty good.

The guy who plays the Mad Hatter was one of the "Wolves" on The Walking Dead.

Let this episode stand as a lesson: When confronted with a doppelganger who exhibits signs of genetic programming (such as boxing skill and the ability to cut one’s own hair) best not to invite him into the mansion unsupervised.

Gotham returns from holiday break this coming Monday, January 16.

Thanks, Richard!

Richard Willis said:

Gotham returns from holiday break this coming Monday, January 16.

So Gotham came back from hiatus last week, right?

Last night's was the second episode after returning.

At the end, next week's preview was for the "Winter Finale."

What? Three episodes was all we get in 2017? That wasn't even worth waiting for.

It's coming back in April with episode 15. There are going to be a total of 22 episodes before the Summer break.

The same thing is happening with Lucifer. Best guess is they're making room to test out some "mid-season replacements."

Say, Richard, where did you get a date for when Gotham is coming back?

There is an April date showing for episode 15 on IMDB. It sounds right, since it is a 22-episode season. It's a little screwy to come back after the holiday for only three episodes, but nobody asked me about it.

Lucifer is coming back May 1, according to Bleeding Cool, but it's foolish to believe anything you read there without a ton of salt. I'd bet they both come back at the same time.

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