Happy Birthday to Mr. Age -- That's "Silver" to His Friends

Wow, the planets have all lined up again in their cosmic collaborative conglomerations to acknowledge and yes, revel in the birthday of our old pal and fearless leader, Craig A. Shutt, aka Mr. Silver Age himself. While some buffoonish wags have suggested that maybe it's time to start calling him Mr. Gray Age, we scoff at such effrontery upon the man, the myth, the legend that is our good pal Mr. Age.

In keeping with the celebrative nature of this day of days, I have historically bestowed upon my pal three rare, valuable and dare I say it, priceless works of art (and I must admit here, I have in fact seen the Silver Age Mansion with my own two peepers, so I know of the wonders of Silver Agery that he lives amongst). Yes, it is indeed a herculean feat to find artwork -- and by artwork of course I mean comic book artwork -- and by comic book artwork I of course mean precious Silver Age comic books -- and by comic books I of course mean not the physical comic books but the much more desirable images of those comics -- and by images, I do of course mean JPGs downloaded from comics.org and then uploaded back here to the Mr. Age Discussion Board page -- I say, referring back to the beginning of this sentence, it is downright difficult if not completely impossible to find comic books worthy of Mr. Age that he doesn't already have. But I think I have at long last, after painstaking effort, found some comic books that do indeed fit the bill of letting Mr. Age know just in what high esteem and regard we hold him. What better gift for Mr. Age than comic books actually mentioning him -- nay, paying the ultimate tribute to him -- in the title? PDC (Pretty Darn Cool), right?

Some herewith, then, abstaining from any further pomp and circumstance, are your birthday gifts, Craig! Happy birthday! V-ROOM! VROOM!

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Happy Birthday, Mister Silver Age or should we call him Major Silver Age to go with Captain Comics!

Thanks, I think, Dave for your annual tribute! This year's covers were quite unexpected, but I can certainly relate to that final one. I've come to think of MSA as a cautionary tale that anyone can learn from.

I was entertained watching that sentence devolve until it finally made it seem like quite a tribute for you to search the GCD for three JPGs. As I like to say, it's the thought that counts, but I'll leave it to others to define exactly what thought this was.

Thanks for the good wishes!

-- MSA


Happy Birthday, Mister SA! it's a pleasure being able to rub virtual elbows with you!

Here's to another year of silver age goodness from our best pal Craig. And, although I wasn't invited, I'm told this is a genuine picture taken at his birthday party early this evening. Whoop!


So Dave is saying that Mr. Silver Age's middle name is "Teen?" Wishing you much happiness.

Teen-Age Love, Romance and Hot Rods? Never had any of those.

Thanks, all! I appreciate you taking the time to wish me yet another turn around the sun. We Silver Age Teens really had busy lives with our hot-rodding and jobs in the circus and summers on the beach. Makes me wish I could remember those times a little better, but it was a long, long, long, long time ago.

Hoy, your invitation to my party must've gotten lost in the mail. But from the look of the photo, it was the party that happened only in my mind, so you may not have missed much. Thanks for the picture to add to my collection.

-- MSA

Happy Birthday, MSA!


Happy (belated) Birthday!!

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