So, the team from Immortal Iron Fist (without Brubaker) go from the mystical world of Danny Rand to the very real streets of NYC in Hawkeye.  In this first issue, Clint fires one arrow (on the very first page) and is never in his superhero costume.  This first, self-contained, story is about what being an Avenger without superpowers, super brains, or a mystical homeland is like when you're not on a mission with all of those other crazy-amazing people.  It's about the punishment your body takes and interacting with fellow New Yorkers and getting in over your head and the karma of taking care of those who can't always take care of themselves. 


And the art is beautiful.


And Clint gets a dog.


I can't wait for the next issue.

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I was going to pass on this one because Matt Fraction's writing doesn't always click with me, but wound up picking it up on a whim and I'm glad I did.

The story was terrific, and I really enjoyed the way the narrative was presented. Now, if EVERY issue is like that, it might get a little annoying, but for setting up what the book is going to be, I thought it did the job very well.

I also really liked the introduction page:

Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, became the greatest sharp-shooter known to man.

He then joined the Avengers.

This is what he does when he's not being an Avenger.

That's all you need to know.

Sometimes short, sweet, and to the point works wonders.


That being said, the last time he had a solo series right before a line-wide shakeup (around the time of Disassembled), it became a short-lived victim of said shakeup. Let's hope he fares better this time...

I'm hoping that this paired down version will survive given the incredible popularity of the Avengers movie and the strength of this creative team.  Having Aja here, Samnee on Daredevil, and Allred coming onto FF makes me very, very happy as their art styles are among my absolute favorites. 

i gave this one a pass, but Haweye is one of my favorite MU characters and the words "self contained" appeal to me. More series should launch this way so that one doesn't have to commit to six issues to get a complete story.

This is such a perfect intro to the series that I bought four copies just to hand to friends that I know loved the movie, but don't read a lot of comics. 

I loved this. I'm just hoping that David Aja is still on the book with #5, and he's not replaced by a random fill-in guy who tries to draw like Aja but can't.

I don't think that the costume will make an appearance in this one unless it's in flashback.  This is the comic for people who liked Hawkeye from the film.  But, it is fun that he always wears purple. 


One of the psychologists I work with loved the film, but had never read a superhero comic in her life.  I gave her this first issue and she was asking today where the comic shop in town was so she could pick up #2 next month.  Score!

Read issue #2 last night...good lord, is this a beautiful comic book.  The story is fun and funny as well AND we find out where Clint got that bag of money in issue #1. 


My five must-buys right now: Superman Family Adventures, Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Bandette, and Saga.  So...much...goodness.

Man, this was a great issue. Matt Fraction has never written quite this well before. He came close on Iron Fist, but this seems to be his wheelhouse. What's even more impressive--as mentioned here--is the artwork. Beautiful design and very subtle artwork.

I wrote this last night in the "What Comics Have You Read Today?" part. But it seems more apt here. I added more as well.

I read Hawkeye #3. I liked it for the most part. The art, the dialog, the car, etc. They were all pretty much perfect. But then the ending was just like something I re-read not too long ago in Grant Morrison's JLA, only with Connor Hawke Green Arrow and The Key instead of Hawkeye and Russian Bro (ALREADY making a comeback), which took something out of the impact. Still, the car chase scenes and the way all of it worked together was pretty cool. Still a better title than most. 

Okay, okay you guys (and Rich on Facebook)! I'll give it a try! Sheesh!

This was a very light week for me, so I bought all three issues of Hawkeye. Common knowledge has it that one cannot judge a book by looking at its cover. I have seldom found that assertion to be true, but it is in this case. I remember seeing the first and subsequent issues of this series on the stands and giving it a pass because it looked to me as if they were channeling the movie Hawkeye. But this ain’t no “movie” Hawkeye.

A lot has happened to my favorite avenging archer since another writer drove me away from reading his adventures. Last time I checked, Clint’s wife was still alive, but her presence was only alluded to in these issues. I’m not the kind of reader who expects things to have remained static after ten years of not reading (in fact, I prefer it that things have changed), but I’d like to find out what happened to Bobbie eventually.

The best thing about this comic is the relationship between Hawkeye and the female Hawkeye, Kate Bishop (her first appearance on Earth-J).

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