Hi guys,


Someone posted a video on my Facebook page a while back -- possibly Travis? It was at least a year ago -- which showed all these people, including a marching band, following a signal back to a bar. It was an awesome song, but at the time I didn't have an iTunes account, so I never bought it. And now, when it popped into my head today, I can't think of the band's name or even how it goes. All I can remember was the awesome music video. 


So if anyone knows what song that might be, could you jog my memory? Thanks!

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  • I don't think that was me, nor does it sound familiar. Sorry, boss.


    What type of song was it? Pure rock? Jazzy?

  • I think it had a little brass band funk to it, but I really can't recall. Though for some reason, I'm seeing a xylophone.


    I also think it's a fairly new song -- something from the past few years.


    Thanks for trying, man!

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