50 years ago someone gave me a copy of Cheyenne Kid #72. It was then that I discovered comics and started to amassed a collection that was at one point nearly 3000 books. I still have the Cheyenne Kid & other comics I have kept. I sold others to get me more, or lost some in moving and sometime gave away. I really consider myself a reader and not a collector. I just bought and got what tickled my imagination. The only thing I collected was a nearly complete run of The Incredible Hulk. About 2 years ago I decided to get rid of a few (1000). But there were a couple of well-read books I didn't want to part with. All of them have been in boxes for decades - never displayed. So I thought maybe I'll just rig up a display on the 8' x 8' peg board on the north wall of my garage and show some off. Maybe 75 of the best ones. Not because of value but because of the stories.
I set up the Cheyenne Kid #72, the Hulk #102, Superman #233 on the wall of my garage. I also have Amazing Spider-man #149 because of that clone idea. Sorting through and re-re-re-reading and loving my 'What If?''s I have from #1 I also remembered I like DC's Elseworlds. I have a bunch of those plus the newer Amalgam crossovers. -I'll keep some of those too. And I like my books by artists like Neal Adams, Chance Wolf, Todd McFarlane and especially Bill Sienkiewicz. Cool. Down to 25 'must keeps'. I went down to our local comic shop to have a look at values of the bulk of the 2000 books & stuff I had. Then I saw Archie vs Predator, Superman meets Silver Surfer, and books like Aliens vs everybody. Oh okay I'll buy some of those but still get rid of the rest.
With some old shelving, I was now physically setting up the wall by adding my old issues and these new finds. But Hey!, This book seems to connect to this book ... Homage to this issue and this cross-over between the most unlikely of character. Each book placed on the wall related to the book placed next to it. Do I have enough room? Maybe it would be better if I used software. I use Codepen, Fancybox, mycomicshop.com and Pinterest with some HTML to display what's in my mind's eye. Even though I had many of the books on my WALL list, my "sell list" is starting to grow closer to my "want list".
My display is now about 13 feet across.Take a look at my Comic Book Wall

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  • I don't have the majority of my collection "displayed" as such; I would be worried about the Sun fading the covers over time. I think your display is really cool, though! A while ago, I bought a '40s-era magazine rack at an antique store and filled it with sundry magazine-sized comics. I eventually took that down, though. I do have one comic book hanging in a frame, however: Green Lantern #40.


    My wife gave it to me for our first wedding anniversary (paper).
  • I'll let my wife answer this one:

    "Spread out over every flat surface of the &%@#$ house."

    She's 100% accurate.

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