... when The Baron was Bizarre.

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...when the Baron used to eat two pounds of potatoes a day.

... Elvis Presley

...when TV stations used to go off the air overnight.

... When we only had two TV stations in the UK - three if you lived close enough to Ireland.

... when how many TV stations you received depended on which way the wind was blowing.

...coming home from school and being able to watch old movies and TV shows, not the news and talk shows.


…the kind of September when life was slow and oh, so mellow; when grass was green and grain was yellow; when I was a tender and callow fellow.

... when rock was young.


. . . before there were zip codes.


. . . when the exchanges of telephone numbers were words, instead of letters---such as FAirfax 3-2205.


. . . when holidays weren't rearranged to fall on Mondays; the day you got off was the date the holiday fell on.


. . . test patterns.


. . . console stereos.


. . . when the polio vaccine was considered the medical miracle of the age.


. . . 78 r.p.m. records.


. . . boarding a commercial aeroplane by going straight out on the tarmac; no jetways or metal detectors or personal searches.


. . . when the U.S. flag had only forty-eight stars.


. . . lunch counters in department stores and five-and-dimes.


. . . when the NBC peacock came on to announce that the next programme would be broadcast in colour!


. . . the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was still based in New York City and its annual big event was to broadcast for two weeks out of Los Angeles.


. . . when kids could ride their bikes without elbow pads, knee pads, and bedpans on their heads.


. . . when a man wearing a suit wasn't considered being "all dressed up."


. . . when urinals in men's rooms were simply a metal trough along the wall, or one of those porcelein circular jobs where the users stood around it in a circle.


. . . milkmen.


. . . television repairmen.


. . . tube-testers in drug stores.


. . . push-button automatic transmission in cars.


. . . full-service gas stations where the attendent came out and pumped your gas, checked your oil and water and air, and washed your windshield---all for twelve cents a gallon.


. . . when physicians made house calls.


. . . when fast-food restaurants had no drive-through windows or any interior seating for customers; you parked, walked up to a window, got your food, and took it home or ate in your car.


. . . when you could smoke anywhere.


. . . the draft.


. . . when they were waiters and waitresses, not "servers"; when they were stewards and stewardesses, not "flight attendants"; when it was the cockpit, not the "flight deck"; when the term was caretaker, not "caregiver"; when it was junior high school, not "middle school".


. . . when, in an emergency, you dialed "O" for the operator, instead of "911".


. . . when Academy-Award presenters announced "And the winner is . . . .", instead of "And the Oscar goes to . . . ."


. . . manual typewriters that didn't have a key for the number "1" or for an exclamation point.


. . . carbon paper.


. . . waxed paper.


. . . matchbooks with the strike surface on the front instead of the back.


. . . bubble-lights for Christmas trees.



. . . and probably a bunch of other things that haven't occurred to me that we don't see, anymore.

I remember doo doo, I remember doo doo there was a swimming pool...

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