List of Spider-Themed Heroes

  1. Arach-Nerd “Love and Capes”
  2. Araña (Anya Corazon)
  3. Blackarachnia (Elita-1)
  4. The Black Widow I (Claire Voyant)
  5. The Black Widow II (Natasha Romanova)
  6. Captain Spider (Flash Thompson)
  7. The Cobweb Kid “Earth-Twelve”
  8. the dream-Spider (Crystal Catawnee)
  9. Headline (J. Jonah Jameson)
  10. Lady Spider (May Reilly)
  11. Madame Web (Julia Carpenter)
  12. Recluse (Zion Reilly)
  13. Silk (Cindy Moon)
  14. Sky-Spider (Petor)
  15. The Spider I (Richard Wentwoth)
  16. The Spider II (Tom Hallaway)
  17. Spider-Boy I (Pete Ross)
  18. Spider-Boy II (Bailey Briggs)
  19. Spider-Friend (Peter Park)
  20. Spider Girl (Sussa Paka)
  21. Spider-Girl I (Betty Brant)
  22. Spider-Girl II (May Parker)
  23. Spider-Girl III (Penelope Parker)
  24. Spider-Ham (Peter Porker)
  25. “Spider” Jameson (John Jameson)
  26. Spider-Laird (Donald MacGargan)
  27. Spiderling (Annie May Parker)
  28. Spider-Ma’am (May Parker)
  29. Spider-Man I (Peter Parker)
  30. Spider-Man II (Miles Morales)
  31. Spider-Man III (Peter Parker) “Marvel Mangaverse”
  32. Spider-Man IV (Miguel O’Hara)
  33. Spider-Man V (Pavitr Prabakhar)
  34. Spider-Man VI (Takuya Yamashiro)
  35. Spider-Man VII (Peter Parker) “Spider-Man Noir”
  36. Spider-Man VIII (Hobie Brown) “Spider-Punk”
  37. Spider-Man IX (Ben Parker) “Earth-3145”
  38. Spider-Man J (Sho Amano)
  39. Spider-Mobile (Peter Parkedcar)
  40. The Spider Queen (Sharon Kane)
  41. Spider-Rex (Pter Ptarker)
  42. Spiders Man “Earth X”
  43. Spider-Smasher (Billie Morales)
  44. Spider-U.K. I (Billy Braddock)
  45. Spider U.K. II (Zarina Zahari)
  46. Spider Widow (Dianne Grayton)
  47. Spider Woman (Helen Goddard)
  48. Spider-Woman I (Jessica Drew)
  49. Spider-Woman II (Mattie Franklin)
  50. Spider-Woman III (Mary Jane Watson) “Marvel Mangaverse”
  51. Spider-Woman IV (Gwen Stacy) “Earth-65”
  52. Spinneret (Mary Jane Watson-Parker)
  53. Spinstress (Princess Petra)
  54. The Steel Spider (Ollie Osnick)
  55. The Tarantula (Jonathan Law)
  56. The Web-Slinger (Patrick O’Hara)
  57. The Web-Weaver (Cooper Coen)
  58. Web Woman (Kelly Webster)
  59. The Wolfspider I (Ben Colston)
  60. The Wolfspider II (Bill Bailey)

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  • Added Sky-Spider.

  • Added Spider-Boy Ii and Spider-Smasher.

  • Ollie Osnick, the Spectacular Spider-Kid/Steel Spider! 

  • Arachnaman (WCW)

  • Cobweb Kid (Inferior 5)

  • The Spiders Man (Earth X)

    Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham! 

  • The Spider, Master of Men (Richard Wentworth)

  • The Arach-Nerd (from Love and Capes)

    Spider-Ham (Peter Porker)

  • Added

    1. Arach-Nerd
    2. The Cobweb Kid
    3. The Spider
    4. Spider-Ham
    5. Spiders Man
    6. The Steel  Spider

    Didn't add Arachnaman, basically because I don't think of pro wrestlers as "heroes" as such.

  • You've listed The Wolfspider (Bill Bailey).  If I remember correctly, he's a character in Alan Moore's "Top Ten".  However, according to the GCD, there's also a character Wolfspider (Ben Colstone) in Kurt Busiek's "Astro City".

    You've also listed Spider Girl (Sussa Paka).  She's a rejected applicant to the Legion of Super-Heroes who later joined the Legion of Super-Villains.  Does she belong in a List of Spider-Themed Heroes?  Or should the list be renamed?

This reply was deleted.