JMS is doing a complete timeline reboot/overhaul, as announced at The Source. There's a more in-depth interview at CBR.

I was planning to drop the book at 600, but I have to admit I'm intrigued.

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A couple of things ...
>>> I'm glad her bracelets are gold. I always hated how her bracelets were silver and all her other acutrements (spelling) were gold. Every one knows silver and gold clash!
>>> The jacket. Ugh. I thought we got by that already in the 1990s. Though I wonder how it would look zipped up.
>>> More importantly, I would like to see the design with the jacket off! The top is ~really~ nice looking.
>>> This design will be much easier to pull off in a live-action film. (Not dissing Lynda Carter or anything, but at least this leaves a little to the imagination.)
>>> Seems to be a new hairstyle too.
>>> This particular pose and facial expression seems very unimposing to me. That's not the WW I'm most familiar with. Not saying that's good. Not saying that's bad. Just different.

I think Cap nailed it when he said "not near iconic enough for the most iconic woman in comics."

Like Ana, I too "am giving this a gigantic shrug."

Having said that, I dropped Wonder Woman quite some time ago but had planned to buy #600, and this item hasn't changed my decision.
That Rodi novel is fantastic...very comic fanboy Misery. The NY Times devoted quite a bit of space to Wonder Woman in their Arts section today.
How many people noticed this thread's title was an allusion to a Rob Rodi novel?

And here I thought it was this. ;)

"I actually just threw up…how dare you do this. THIS IS DISGRACEFUL. I hope you lose the rights to WW. I am now done collecting comics. GOOD JOB!"

Now there's a fanboy who takes his funny-books way too seriously!

Like you said, Figs... "priceless." :P
Jeff of Earth-J said:
How many people noticed this thread's title was an allusion to a Rob Rodi novel?
And here I thought it was this. ;)

It was that, too! Everything's jumbled around in my head! (Although I'm most familiar with that song from it being used as a clip in a medley on the Dr. Demento show in the late 70s. In my mind, after "it was the only thing I could do half right, and it's turning out all wrong, ma... look what they've done to my song," it cuts directly to the Monty Python guys singing "La dee dee, a-one two three, Eric the 'alf a bee!")

My headspace terrifies me sometimes.
Rob Staeger said:
My headspace terrifies me sometimes.

Welcome to my world.
Did anyone else notice the new costume looks like a combination of Wonder Woman and Black Canary?
You're right, especially with the times Black Canary has worn the Wildcat tape on her fists and wrists.
It does look kinda Black Canary-esque. Good observation!

Apparently I'm in the minority, but I like it. There's no love lost between me and the classic costume (though I did really like the Donna Troy version from the Heinberg/Dodson run a few years ago), so a complete change-up is fine by me. There are a few tweaks I might not object to — a bit more clarification as to where the leggings end and the footwear begins; I could do without the almost-gloves out of the bracelets; and I don't see how what's (I assume) supposed to be the lasso is actually a looped lasso in that design — but none of that is a deal-breaker, and will probably depend on the artist doing the drawing as to how it looks, anyhow. Meanwhile, there's a lot I like: the color scheme, the shaping form of the...bustier, I guess?...the design of the bracelets, and, yes, the jacket. The total effect, I think, is more subtle than the star-spangled swimsuit, while still being sleek and kinda badass.
I like it, too. Including the jacket. We've all been traumatized by jackets in the past, but I'm willing to be strong and look past that.

My wife likes it, too. I showed her the costume, and she said, "If I were that ripped, I'd wear it!"
The bracelet modification makes some kind of sense to me - like they are almost caestus

The rest of it is dopey

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