In the 1970s there was a fair number of times when Marvel had to print a reprint instead of the intended story, but it was too late to replace the cover. Conan the Barbarian #22 is an example. The cover was supposed to go with the story in #23, and the issue carried a reprint of Conan the Barbarian #1 instead:

There are cases of mismatch from other periods as well. Detective Comics #40's cover was supposed to go with the second Joker story, but that story appeared in Batman #1 instead. So this cover was the Joker's first cover appearance, although he didn't appear inside:

This cover from Baffling Mysteries #8 belongs with a story that appeared in The Beyond #2 and was reprinted in Web of Mystery #27:

I thought it might be interesting to put together a collection of as many cases like these as possible. Please chime in with any you know.

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This one had a reprint of FF 101.

The GCD notes the villain on the cover of Detective Comics #35 is the Duc d'Orterre from #34 (which didn't have a Batman cover):

In turn the cover of #36 shows Batman battling the Mongols who work for Sin Fang in #35:

The cover of Detective Comics #39 resembles the climax of Robin's debut in #38, so perhaps it was an alternative cover prepared for that issue:

Geez, just think of an example of where the "Dreaded Deadline Doom" struck and Marvel already had the cover prepared. This one ran a reprint of a Jack Kirby Inhumans story from Amazing Adventures.

Ghost Rider #10 (F'75) promised us the Brimstone Biker versus the Incredible Hulk but what we got was a reprint of Johnny Blaze's first appearance in Marvel Spotlight #5, which wouldn't be the worse thing except for the cover!

Captain Marvel #36 had new pages book-ending a reprint. The scene on the cover was the climax of the next issue.

The reprint was Mar-Vell's first appearance, from Marvel Super-Heroes #12.

The cover of The Hooded Horseman #25 featured "Cowboy Sahib". This was a series about a Wyoming cowboy who becomes the ruler of a small state in the Himalayas.

The feature didn't debut until the next issue. The cover only says it's "coming soon", but it's possible the feature was supposed to debut in #25 and wasn't ready. #26's cover was based on a scene from the story, but it has a scene where the hero rides a tiger too.

The covers of #25-#27 were drawn by Leonard Starr, the feature's original artist. After #27 the title went on hiatus. When it resumed it continued a different title's numbering.

After Action Comics #1 the next Superman covers appeared on #7 and #10. The cover of #7 is a variation on a panel from Action Comics #1, from the sequence where Superman abducts Alex Greer. Superman's victim isn't drawn just like Greer, though. He had a moustache, and was dressed in a bow-tie and a plain, brown suit.

#10s cover is a variation on the scene from Action Comics #2 where Superman fights a plane:

One might be forgiven for thinking the two Torches fought in this issue, but they didn't even meet. The comic was a reprint title. Each issue had one Silver Age story starring Johnny Storm, one Golden Age or 1950s story about the original Torch.

These issues both contained reprints. The reprints were the villains' first appearances, but in both cases the cover dialogue represented them as returning. The Doctor Strange issue had new framing pages.

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