Good hello:

My name is Phineas Narco. People call me 'Phinny'. You could say that I am kind of 'secretly famous' haha so don't tell anybody :) but I'll explain more about that in a bit. I am writing this post because I want to introduce myself and get some more info as reflected in the topic. I apologize in advance for the length.

I wanted to join because historically, I have an interest in comics or I guess 'graphic novels' I guess they might call them nowadays, or some people do. When I was a kid, growing up in the 1970's they were just 'comic books' and you'd usually buy them down at the local drug store or maybe the Stop-n-Go for 25 cents a copy believe it or not. I was mostly a 'DC kid' if you know what I mean, I mostly did not 'get' the Marvel ones, for whatever reason, and I had a fondness for, I guess you could say, the characters of Batman and Superman. Those were probably my two favorite ones.

On a personal note, and I won't bore you with the details, but in a lot of ways my childhood wasn't a very happy childhood okay. BUT Batman and Superman did have the effect of bringing me a lot of happiness in the midst of that unhappiness, in my childhood okay. So, they are very very MEANINGFUL to me personally. Maybe some of you can relate...

So to tell you a little bit more about me is that first I wanted to say I am something of an artist now in my adult life now. For me, 'artist' is just a slightly pretentious term meaning 'somebody who creatively puts stuff together in meaningful and interesting ways as the work that they do'.

I am not a comic or graphic artist, but I work with sound. And I do a kind of 'media collage' which sometimes I refer to as 'MetaMedia' and... yeah... I know... "Meta"... but I was actually provably using that term in that way years before Zuck glommed onto it... it's where I take bits and pieces from the media at large and then remix and re-edit them into these new and unique forms through a somewhat honed and rarefied subjective artistic process. I've been doing this in a serious way now for over 30 years now.

Some of you may have heard of the underground musical group 'Negativland'. Well, THEY do that type of work TOO and I sort of 'cut my teeth' on the whole thing, and was mentored by one of their main members, on his radio show on a major Pacifica radio station. His name was Don Joyce. You can look him up on Wikipedia. I did a lot of work with him on that show and other radio stations since 1990. Negativland is kind of a big deal in the underground music scene. To give you an idea of their stature, when Don Joyce died, in 2015, his passing was covered in Rolling Stone magazine.

So anyway, enough about me and what I do and onto what I want to ask of the moderators and the members of this forum because I know that I am new here and I do want to act respectfully in accordance to the rules that are set up here and many groups proscribe 'self-promotion' which is understandable. None of us are in here to be SOLD things or to be subjected to advertising am I right? We want to talk about what we're interested in, this isn't a marketplace or some kind of auction or rummage sale and I appreciate and respect that.

So let me just say, straight up, flat out that I am NOT selling ANYTHING. AT ALL. That's not why I do what I do.

As weird as it sounds? To tell you the truth: I do this because it is FUN.

It's fun, and it's interesting, and it keeps me busy and it makes people happy. And that's kind of IT. That's it.

It's not very 'normal'... I know.

The fact is, that I am fortunate enough to be situated in my life so that I can do this work as more or less as kind of a full-time therapeutic 'hobby' and not really have to worry about money. I know this is an extraordinary statement for just about anyone to make, especially nowadays but: I am fortunate enough that I don't really need money. Because of my particular life situation. I don't really HAVE a hell of a lot. But I have ENOUGH. And so I am fine. So this is the work that I do. And I do it for fun. I do it because it is meaningful. Meaningful to me and to others. It is TOTALLY non-commercial. There are no commercials, no sponsors, no ads, no blurbs that say 'Like us!' or 'Follow us!', no read 'spots' nothing to pay for, nothing to subscribe to, no swag to buy, no NFT's being sold, I'm not even really sure I know what an 'NFT' *is* to tell you the God's honest truth haha but there is nothing for sale, it's all totally totally FREE. It's a FREE resource and I like to have it that wa. And actually... because of the 'collage' and derivative nature of the work, the fact that it is FREE like that, and not about money or profit, is helpful because it's just less headaches for me, if you know what I mean. Less worries for me. I've been doing this work in a serious way since July 12th, 1990 and have never had anything even approaching a copyright issue. With anyone. There are some people who voluntarily donate a little bit to support the expenses of running what I do, because it is a hobby and not just an interest, and so it does cost me a little bit of money to run, and I don't have a LOT... but that's it, there's no profit. I don't need anything. I'm fine.

So with that all being said, what I specifically do with the work is that I run a webcast, an audio webcast, twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays, so there will be a show tonight, and one this Sunday, and this week I am doing a show that is near and dear to me, you may have already guessed the subject, it is specifically about Superman and Batman. It's like a massive re-do of one that I did in 2015 but the REDUX was rather inspired by the release of the new BATMAN movie of which I am sure that we're all aware. It is going to be a very very long show starting in the afternoon around 4pm and running for the rest of the day and long into the night, maybe all night, so it's kind of for us night owls mostly. I'm putting it together now.

Tonight will be a run-through preview with the final cut of it being presented this Sunday, March 13th at the same showtimes. It will be simulcast then by a radio station in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands called DFM. The show is called (imaginitively enough haha) 'The Superman/Batman Show' and I thought that the people in this group would like to hear it, would like to have the opportunity to know about it.

If it is okay to do so, I can post the details of the show which includes a link to the Shoutcast listen page where people can hear it during showtimes, and to the Facebook event page to this totally free, totally non-commercial event. At no point in the text on this page does it say 'Like us!' or 'Follow us!' or ask for any sort of money, as I say that is not what this is about. This is not about selling anything. This is about Superman. This is about Batman. A lot of it is about The Joker, actually. There is an extensive Joker set. I can post more details. There is a bit of a bias toward Batman in the treatment, to be honest, in respect to the latest film release, but there is a lot about Supes too. If you like both, you'll probably get a kick out of it. There is a LOT of humor in it. It is fun.

And so, with all that in mind, I ask permission to post the information, if not in this section, then maybe someone can tell me in what section, and that's all that I have to say. That's all that I have to ask. Thank you very much for reading all of this and thank you for accepting me as a member of this forum. Cheers.


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  • Welcome, Phineas.

    "I know that I am new here and I do want to act respectfully in accordance to the rules that are set up here and many groups proscribe 'self-promotion' which is understandable. None of us are in here to be SOLD things or to be subjected to advertising am I right? We want to talk about what we're interested in, this isn't a marketplace or some kind of auction or rummage sale and I appreciate and respect that."

    I'm not in a position to grant or deny permission, but that sounds like the right attitude to me. 

  • I am a Moderator, and I agree with Jeff. I don't see a problem with posting links to the webcast. I suppose this is the right place for it; the only similar thing is our long-running "What Are You Blogging About Today?" thread (which is actually in the Non-Comics area, even though there are comics-related posts).

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