I thought this might be a nice companion thread to "On the chopping block," where we can talk about currently running books that we're thinking of picking up in the middle of their run.

The one that comes to mind for me is Firestorm. Dan Jurgens is taking over with issue 13, and he purportedly is treating it like a first issue. Most of the "international firestorms" storyline is over with -- don't ask me how -- and it's apparently going back to being Ronnie and Jason in high school together, teaming up to be Firestorm. Which is what I wanted to read in the first place, so it's probably a good time to give it a chance.

So, any books you're thinking of hopping on to?

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Great--more positive--new thread, Rob! Don't get me wrong. I've added more than a few times to the "Chopping Block" thread. But it's also great to see a counterbalance.

I've joined the bandwagon on many books in the past, like Saga and Wonder Woman. Right now, I'm planning on joining up with books like Uncanny Avengers and All-New X-Men. I like the idea that the old X-Men will be meeting the new ones. It reminds me of the SW6 Batch in the early 90's Legion of Super-Heroes, where the clones from the olden days met up with their older counterparts of "today" (actually about a thousand years in the future). Unlike that title, which seemed to have had the carpet pulled out from under it, I hope this one will stick around for awhile. I like the concept.

I have three titles I'm thinking of giving another chance.  I was impressed with the Batgirl zero issue so I thought I'd give that series another go, and with the creative team switches, I thought I'd try Detective and Firestorm again.  

I'm also ordering the new Legends of the Dark Knight to see how the digital first comics translate and the Supurbia trade as it sounds like an interesting premise.

Legends of the Dark Knight has proven itself again and again over the past few months. The latest one (by Jeff Parker and Gabriel Hardman) was incredible.

I'd prefer to read the new LOTDK on paper instead of digital but I'm not sure if the stories will flow as well.  Guess I'll find out next week.

Just wondering, BM, was it my mentioning them earlier that clued you into the digital comics being released?  Anyway, what is this Supurbia of which you type?  That was the name of the Ultramarine's city in Morrison's JLA work.

Just wondering, BM, was it my mentioning them earlier that clued you into the digital comics being released?

I think that was what first put them on my radar.

Anyway, what is this Supurbia of which you type?

It's a Boom series that apparently focuses more on the heroes' home life.  It might be a little too soap operay for me but I'm hoping it will have a bit of an Astro City vibe.

That was the name of the Ultramarine's city in Morrison's JLA work.

I'd forgotten that.  The funny thing is, when I read that in JLA I never noticed the mash up with Super and Suburbia.  Now, like a pictoambiguity or a hidden picture poster, it seems so obvious. 

I liked Batgirl 0 too, Border Mutt. I'm not back on board yet, but I liked what I saw.

(Then again, Batgirl wasn't a book I dropped because I didn't like it -- it was just the victim of a Bat-surplus.)

I'm on the bandwagon for Batman Beyond Unlimited.  I love this big future anthology.  I wasn't on board for the first issue but I quickly caught up around issue 4 or 5 and now I look forward to it every month.

I'm back on the bandwagon for Invincible.  This is a title that's teetered on and off of my pull list for the last couple years, sometimes it's been okay and sometimes it's been really good.  It's back to being really good and I think the momentum driving towards issue 100 should help a lot.

Finally, I'm driving the bandwagon for Gambit and Hawkeye- two new solo series from Marvel.  They've both been very enjoyable and so far, entirely self-contained.  Hawkeye is a street-level approach with a healthy dose of whimsy.  Kind of like Mark Waid's Daredevil or the BBC's Sherlock series.  Gambit is a straight crime-noir series.  He's still a good guy but he's dropped the superhero trappings for Robin Hood heists and femme fatales.  It's kind of like Leverage or Jay Faerber's sadly canceled Near Death. 

Doggone it, Chris, you're going to pull me onto the bandwagon for Gambit now.

Chris Fluit said:

Gambit is a straight crime-noir series.  He's still a good guy but he's dropped the superhero trappings...

Hawkeye is definitely a contender for those weeks when I just want an extra comic and am looking for a done-in-one.

And I have to admit, you make Gambit sound more intriguing than he's ever sounded. (Sorry to hear Near Death was cancelled, too -- I heard an interview with Faerber about it last year, and it sounded interesting... but I've never actually seen an issue of it. Did it come to any sort of conclusion, at least?)

There are three comics that I buy extra copies of to give to potential readers. 


For kids, Superman Family Adventures is so perfect.  I'm gonna get rapped in the mouth for this, but Superman works best as a character for kids...the crazy villains, the super-pets, the clubhouse full of trophies and gadgets.  Superman stories should be full of humor and joy and fun and the Art Baltazar/Franco team have it down pat.


As Chris already mentioned, Hawkeye is Jim Rockford as an Avenger.  This series is about what happens to Clint when he's not in costume, but it's still full of adventure and action.  The addition of Kate Bishop, the Young Avengers Hawkeye, in issue two promises even more Thin Man dialog. 


And, for the truly mature reader...Saga...Saga...Saga.  It's like George R.R. Martin and Jim Henson had a baby with Joss Whedon as the midwife.  The first collection hits shelves next month I believe and you can get completely caught up with it.  Do it.  You will NOT regret it.

Superman Family Adventures is wonderful. And you might be right that he works best as a character for kids. I think he can work for adults -- and work extremely well, sometimes -- but Art & Franco's stories sure make it seem like he's in his element... much like the stories of the Weisinger era.

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