Story  Apparently, she passed away of a stroke.  She was only 70.

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I just posted about that over in the "Jackie Cooper's Celebrity Deaths Line" thread, here.

ClarkKent_DC said:

Joanna Cameron, star of the 1975-1977 Saturday morning live-action superhero show Isis, dies at 70, reports Extra: "'Isis' Star JoAnna Cameron Dies at 70" Co-star Joanna Pang Atkins announced the news on Twitter, saying Cameron had a stroke.

Isis (later retitled The Secrets of Isis) was a companion series with Shazam! and the two shows had several crossovers.

Ah, hadn't seen that.

The most beautiful woman on Saturday Mornings!

The Baron said:

Ah, hadn't seen that.

I posted mine right about the same time you posted yours.

The Isis character and her Mego collectible figure in the film Free Enterprise, suggesting many others share your opinion.

I was largely out of the Saturday Morning habit by the time Isis landed, but I did keep watching that one.

Philip Portelli said:

The most beautiful woman on Saturday Mornings!

She was also spotlighted in a two-parter of the late 1970s Spider-Man TV series.

And of course, she was beautiful there.

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