From "Lying in Gutters" today: "I understand that Boom Studios has won the comic book license for "Walt Disney Comics And Stories," "Mickey Mouse And Friends," "Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck," "Donald Duck" and more. Boom has recently shown much promise with its well received Disney Pixar and "Muppet Show" comic books, and this seems reward for its efforts, Both titles were previously published by Steve Geppi's Gemstone, a publisher that has been seen to be suffering of late. Expect to see this reflected in solicitations shortly."

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  • I think that this is great news. Boom has been doing a terrific job with their current kids-directed titles.

    With all due respect to the classic stories that are out there, I hope Boom does original stories, though. Let's say, original stories in a classic style! ;-)
  • There are many, many stories being produced in Europe (especially Spain and Italy) that Boom! could draw upon. Heck, around 25% of the population in the Netherlands reads the Donald Duck WEEKLY comic.
    • Gemstone was reprinting tons of European material. Were you not buying the Gemstone stuff? I can't believe that, Doc! Say it's not so!
    • I was still buying at least Uncle Scrooge...but it had not been on a very regular schedule for quite some time.

      And, yes, thanks to Gemstone, I finally got to read "Mickey's Inferno" in Walt Disney's Comics #666, yet. ;)
  • That's wonderful, but any news about Gemstone's other major publishing effort, the EC Archives?

    Also, I hope Boom! does what I've wanted for years: The Carl Barks Archives. I know it's been done before, but the repro quality and quality hardback formats available today would be a real treat.
    • I love the one EC Archives I have, and am looking forward to getting more. And Carl Barks Archives would be great!
    • Carl Barks Archives would be fantastic. My six year old has been a wonderful excuse for me to accumulate a lot of Barks reprints - he'll spend hours with Uncle Scrooge books. I'm just sorry I never took the Disney stuff seriously when I was younger (and a big shout out to Doc whose writing on the old board got me interested enough to try it out).
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