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Star Trek: Discovery (DIS) launched in 2017 on the streaming platform CBS All-Access (an ironic name if ever there was one). I waited until it came out on DVD then, to kill time waiting for season two (to be released on DVD), I watched all of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), Deep Space Nine (DS9), Voyager (VOY) and the fourth season of Enterprise (ENT). By this time, DIS season three is out on DVD and I have yet to watch season two. Frankly, I wasn't all that impressed with season one... at least not as the prequel it is purported to be. As a reboot of the franchise, I liked it fine, yet the showrunners insist it is in continuity, despite the fact it seems to violate canon in a major way. I came to the show knowing that there would be no visual continuity with the original show and I was prepared to accept that, but I did expect there to be story continuity. (When I say "visual continuity," I am referring to the ships and uniforms, not the Klingons.) Honestly, I could have gotten to this discussion much earlier, I really just didn't care to. I am told that season two takes steps to reconcile the continuity differences. We shall see. I plan to start over with season one. Here's a look at what's ahead.


1. The Vulcan Hello - -p1

2. Battle at the Binary Stars - p1

3. Context is for Kings - p1

4. The Butcher's Knife Cares Not for the Lamb's Cry - p1

5. Choose Your Pain - p2

6. Lethe - p2

7. Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad - p2

8. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum - p2

9. Into the Forest I Go - p2

10. Despite Yourself - p2

11. The Wolf Inside - p2

12. Vaulting Ambition - p3

13. What's Past is Prologue - p3

14. The War Without, the War Within - p3

15. Will You Take My Hand? - p3


1. Brother - p3

2. New Eden - p3

3. Point of Light - p3

4. An Obol for Charon - p4

5. Saints of Imperfection - p4

6. The Sound of Thunder - p4

7. Light and Shadows - p4

8. If Memory Serves - p4

9. Project Daedalus - p4

10. The Red Angel - p5

11. Perpetual Infinity - p5

12. Through the Valley of Shadows - p5

13. Such Sweet Sorrow - p6

14. Such Sweet Sorrow, Part 2 - p6


1. That Hope is You, Part 1 - p6

2. Far From Home - p6

3. People of Earth - p6

4. Forget Me Not - p7

5. Die Trying - p7

6. Scavengers - p7

7. Unification III - p7

8. The Sancuary - p8

9. Terra Firma, Part 1 - p8

10. Terra Firma, Part 2 - p8

11. Su'Kal - p8

12. There is a Tide... - p8

13. That Hope is You, Part 2 - p8


1. Kobayashi Maru - p9

2. Anomaly - p9

3. Choose to Live - p9

4. All is Possible - p9

5. The Examples - p9

6. Stormy Weather - p9

7. ...But to Connect - p9

8. All In - p9

9. Rubicon - p9

10. The Galactic Barrier - p10

11. Rosetta - p10

12. Species Ten-C - p10

13. Coming Home - p10


1. Red Directive

2. Under the Twin Moons

3. Jinaal

4. Face the Strange

5. Mirrors

6. Whistlespeak

7. Erigah

8. Labyrinths

9. Lagrange Point

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  • Here's me, trying to plow through the rest of this season, this series. I can't for the life of me imagine who's watching Star Trek: Discovery. It's so different (in all respects) from the original that I don't seeing it appealing to fans of the original series, yet what would be the draw for millenials who have never seen any previous Star Trek? I'm guessing maybe second generation fans of ST:TNG (the ones who refer to themselves as "Trekkers") who are drawn to it curious about a "new" Star Trek show, the same way fans of TOS ("Trekkies") were once drawn to ST:TNG.

    LABYRINTHS: Discovery follows the last clue into the Badlands which leads them to the most incredible and amazing library I have ever seen. Burhman is thrown into a trace by the artifact and must prove herself worthy to win the day. She does, and learns the location of the Progenitors' tech, but is also forced to turn it over to the Breen lest they destroy the library. But the Primarch breaks his word and attacks them. Burnham orders Discovery to use the spore drive to jump to the location of the Progenitor tech while simultaneaously jettisoning and detonating the ship's nacelles to make the Breen think they have been destroyed. Her ploy is successful, but the Primarch again breaks his word and gives the order to destroy the Archive after all. Moll kills him and is accepted as the Breen leader on basis of her being L'ak's widow. Meanwhile, due to the explosion, Discovery has emerged from the jum,p 22 light years away from their destination... with no warp drive.

  • LAGRANGE POINT: The penultimate episode gets off to a rousing start with Discovery emerging from its jump between two primordial black holes. They have to use the pull of one to escape the pull of the other, then they discover the Progenitors' tech at the LaGrange point between the two black holes. Discovery has arrived before the Breen ship, but not by much. The Breen ship arrives and tractors the Progenitor tech aboard, but they don't know Discovery is there because Discovery is cloaked (plus the Breen think it has been destroyed). Now discovery has to find a way to secretly beam aboard the Breen ship, then de-cloak, drop shields, and beam the landing party and tech back to the Discovery. They concoct a plan which involves beaming aboard via an unprotected exaust port. I couldn't believe it. I mean, this season has been so derivative of... everything, really... I guess I shouldn't have been surprised they'd rip off Star Wars, too. I am now convinced that these swipes are purposeful and intended as "tributes" by the show's writers. 

    Anyway, Burnham and the landing party beam aboard the Breen ship in Breen armor and almost pull off their plan before they are discovered. (Oh, and there's another Breen ship on the way, too, in pursuit of the first.) But Michael acquired an additional bit of knowledge in the previous episode which may give her the edge in solving the final puzzle: "Build the shape of the one between the many." Oh, yeah... that ought to be a big help. The episode is pretty tense. the Progenitor tech seems to be a portal of some kind. At one point, Rayner is forced to reveal Discovery's presence to buy some time. Later, after Burnham and Book have been caught, Burnham subtly clues Rayner in to her plan: he is to blow out the forcefield of the Breen's shuttlebay which would blow everything inside out into space, including Burnham, Book and the Progenitor teach. Just before Rayner can comply, Moll enters the portal, followed by Burham. Discovery blows the forcefield and everything goes accordingto plan... except they cannot retrieve the Progenitor tech (because of writer's fiat), and Burnham and Moll are inside it.

    I can hardly wait until this thing is over.

  • LIFE, ITSELF: I must admit that I am glad this is over... this season and this series. It (the series) got off to a bad (i.e., very non-Trek, even anti-Trek) start, but got better when it shifted its focus to the future (even though the future was not one I would have hoped for my favorite franchise). I had high hopes for the final season, but those hopes where dashed when I realized how derivative the entire season was going to be... all flash and no (or very little) substance. As soon as it was over, Tracy turned to me and told her that the series finale had been spoiled for her when we were only a few episodes in. You may remember the exact same thing happened last season. It was the same person who spoiled it for her.

    I can't for the life of me imagine who's watching Star Trek: Discovery. It's so different (in all respects) from the original that I don't seeing it appealing to fans of the original series, yet what would be the draw for millenials who have never seen any previous Star Trek? I'm guessing maybe second generation fans of ST:TNG (the ones who refer to themselves as "Trekkers") who are drawn to it curious about a "new" Star Trek show, the same way fans of TOS ("Trekkies") were once drawn to ST:TNG.

    After an exaustive five minute search, I did find these remarks from a first generation fan: "[The Star Trek spin-offs] were certainly nothing like the original, and I have to hand it to them. They had the original blueprint to work from, and proceded to produce a show with time-wasting techno jargon, P.C. abundance (as much as they could fit it) and dramatic situations as tense as one playig the flute and being interrupted could possibly gain to get the blood boiling." He goes on to say, "Next Gen, the one most would call closest to a worthy successor, was at time the height of cold, dirt level dullness." I like ST:TNG, but I must admit he makes some good popints. Shows like Discovery and even Picard are barely even recognizable as Trek. I can put up with Strange New Worlds because, despite the showrunners' early assertions that it was part of original series continuity, it patentely is not. I can accept it as an alternate universe version, but I hate to think of anyone watching only the neo-Trek and thinking they are watching Star Trek

  • My wife and I are trying a new save-for-retirement method of watching TV, in which we don't keep all the streamers active at the same time -- we save up a bunch of shows on a given streamer, sign up and watch them all, and then quit (again). It is saving us a surprising amount of money. Meanwhile, we always have MAX (free with our phone service), Prime (because Amazon Prime, with its free shipping, pays for itself) and Disney+ (because I signed up for a year in November 2023, and am stuck with it -- and without Hulu -- until November 2024). 

    One upside is that we're watching a lot of movies and shows that are on the various free services, some of them classic, that we "never got around to" before. We watched the original The Taking of Pelham One Two Three and Interstellar this week, two movies that were low on the priority list but which we enjoyed.

    The downside is that we don't watch every hot show in a timely manner. Or even Star Trek: Discovery! We're getting near the tipping point on Paramount+ where we'll have enough to justify the $8.99 (or whatever it is). But we haven't watched it yet. Sorry I couldn't participate in the discussion of the final season.

    • Oh, that's all right. I had assumed that you weren't commenting because I was a bit late getting started and maybe it wasn't fresh in your mind anymore. If you haven't read my thoughts yet (which I'm guessing you haven't since you haven't yet watched the episodes), I didn't think too much of this final season. I'm curious to know your thoughts, though, when you do watch it. I'll admit I didn't  put as much thought or work into these summaries as I did for seasons past, but I do have other things to say, which I was saving for a rebuttal should someone disagree with my assessment. I also hope I didn't put so much of a negative spin on it that what I said colors your opinion. 

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