Steve Skeates, 80, dies

Steve Skeates, Longtime Comic Writer and Hawk & Dove Co-Creator, Dies at 80

Steve Skeates, one of the first members of the so-called "second generation" of comic book writers, who had a long and distinguished comic book writing career at DC, Marvel, Tower, Warren, Archie and Charlton, including an iconic run on Aquaman and co-creating Hawk and Dove with Steve Ditko, has died at the age of 80.

Here's the story.

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  • When Jeff and I were discussing THUNDER Agents, we both agreed that Steve was the best writer in the Tower run. I always enjoyed his writing wherever I found it.

  • True, but that's a pretty low bar. I always associate Skeates with his Aquaman run. 

  •  A story from Steve Skeates was always entertaining.  

    During the THUNDER Agents discussion I meant to post this, but time got away from me.  Steve and I were both born in Rochester, NY.  Imagine my surprise when Rochester popped up in a Lightning story.  Webster is a suburb with a huge Xerox complex.  Who knew that THUNDER had a base in my neighborhood.


  • I don’t wish to take the conversation away from Steve Skeates, but another Xerox anecdote.  The former Xerox Tower in downtown Rochester is the third tallest building in NY outside of NYC.  Around the corner from it used to be the most magical used book store.  There were tables and tables heaped with comics for 5 cents.  Oh, to be able to take a Time Machine back to there/then and spend an afternoon (and I’m guessing a little bit of pocket change).

  • Sekowsky really liked that hairstyle on Kitten -- used it everywhere. Maybe it was easy to draw.

    As to Skeates, I also enjoyed a lot of what he wrote, maybe all of it. I'm a little fuzzy about when I learned his name. I think at one point I thought it was a pen name for Denny O'Neil. (Clearly thinking of Sergius O'Shaunessy.) But once I learned who he was I appreciated his work. 

  • Captain Comics said:

    Sekowsky really liked that hairstyle on Kitten -- used it everywhere. Maybe it was easy to draw.

    This appearance of Kitten always struck me as odd. When at work she was normally wearing her THUNDER Squad outfit. Having her walking around in civvies holding papers makes her look like an office worker, which she wasn't.

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