Superman's Bucket List (Top 10)

  1. Decorate my cape with sequins.
  2. Cut off my curl and use it as a fishing hook.
  3. Be a good son to my mother on Earth.
  4. Be a good son to my Kryptonian father (hologram).
  5. Fly in the sky naked (only at night).
  6. Take all the Justice Legue members to a Stamino-Taro smorgasbord and eat until they're out of food.
  7. Sit in the Daily Planet's editor-in-chief's chair and spin arounf till it breaks.
  8. Go on a shopping spree in my superman identiry.
  9. Have coffee with Lois at dawn at a Royale Host family restaurant (embarrassing...).
  10. Have the ideal dish at GoGo Ichi!

Depending on the amount of rice, toppings, curry sauce, spiciness, etc. that last one has over a trillion possible combinations.

This list comes from Superman vs. Meshi v3. In this series Supermann does more than just fly to Japan to eat Japanese food. In this volume alone he fights Doomsday and Darkseid and Lex Luthor and travels to a "Flashpoint" universe created by the Flash. He begins to tick items off his "bucket list" after recuperating from his battle with Doomsday, which nearly kiled him. When Darkseid opens a Boom Tube, a footnote explains "Like a wormhole. It's like, why don't they just call it a wormholeto begin with, you know?" Supergirl is in this volume, too, and when they consume too many carbohydrates in a Châteraisé sweet shop, the suplus energy was converted to heat energy which caused their heat vision to go haywire.

Superman also competes against Lex Luthor to see who can choose the best bento box. Superman chooses the Nori Seafood Bento but Lex picked the Deluxe Nori Seafood Bento, but Superman won because "Onjin Bento's Nori Seafood Bento doesn't need fried chicken or fried shrimp... in fact, by adding superflous fried food it makes the deluxe seem even more like an ordinary Bento. The Nori Seafood Bento is already perfect as it is." (Now I'm hungery.) Superman does eventually reveal his secret identity to Lois... for good this time (no "amnesia breath").

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  • "Amnesia Breath" would be a good insult name for the Silver Age Superman.

    • Or a new cocktail.

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