• 1936616806?profile=originalJust released image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman.

  • Oh, please, not Luthor AGAIN!

  • Just as long as he doesn't have a real estate scheme.

    Captain Comics said:

    Oh, please, not Luthor AGAIN!

  • Just released teaser trailer:

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser Trailer (Official)

  • It may have been a mistake to release it so soon after the new Star Wars trailer. I wasn't pumped for that at all. But then again, I still haven't seen Man of Steel.

  • I didn't care much for the voiceover suggesting Batman's motivation. Let's hope that's a misdirect.

  • There was not one thing about that trailer that suggested to me that I would want to see this movie.

  • Check out this alternate take on the trailer: 

  • That would be a pretty good movie! It would be better, though, if Adam West met George Reeves -- they seem more contemporary to me, somehow.

  • bats photo bats.gif  photo supes-1.gif

    I had to really hunt to find this thread. Time to trot it out.

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