Tanya Roberts RIP

According to The Hollywood Reporter,Tanya Roberts has died.

Weirdly, she was reported dead, then that report was corrected (she was still alive), but the she died again. You'd think she was a member of the X-Men.

Every obit I saw, from both deads, usually described her as a Bond girl (A View to a Kill), a Charlie's Angel ('80s version) and a member of the That '70s Show star. None of them mentioned her star turn in Sheena, Queen of the Jungle (1984). That's where I knew her from — I didn't watch the other stuff — but that movie was such a failure that they don't even list it on her obit's CV.

RIP Sheena. Thanks for the loincloth, Tanya.

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  • I guess there's more prestige in being a Bond girl or a Charlie's Angel than in being the star of your own film, when said film is a flop. 

    Jacklyn Smith gave Tanya Roberts a nice tribute on Instagram. After the kerfluffle over the announcement of her death, it came to light that it was because of complications from a urinary tract infection that spread to her kidneys and gall bladder, liver and bloodstream. Nasty stuff.

  • Apparently, The first report of her death was initiated by her boyfriend (name not mentioned) who, in grief, may have misinterpreted something he was told by doctors.

  • Right, and Tanya Roberts's publicist didn't confirm what the boyfriend said with the hospital before making the first announcement of her death. And news organizations went with that announcement and didn't confirm with the hospital, either. .

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