I'm sure most of you are familiar with this series, but just in case...

From Wikipedia:

Teen Titans is an American animated television series based on the DC Comics characters of the same name, primarily the run of stories by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez in the early-1980s The New Teen Titans comic book series. The show was created by Glen Murakami, developed by David Slack, and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It premiered on Cartoon Network on July 19, 2003 with the episode "Divide and Conquer" (Final Exam in some regions,) and the final episode "Things Change" aired on January 16, 2006, with the film Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo serving as the series finale.

So, on with the notes:

The Final Exam

Deathstroke hires the H.I.V.E. to destroy the Teen Titans

* Just realized that Jynx alters probabilities. They should gang up and do away with her right now!

* I've missed this theme song.

* The Titans aren't exactly getting along right now.

* It's a trap!

* The Titans do in fact get their butts kicked.

* A brief moment between Raven and Beast Boy.

* And now, the blaming.

* It's generally forgotten, but Starfire should have the strength to go toe-to-toe with Mammoth.  Oh well, gotta pad out the episode somehow.

* So Jynx not only has the bad luck powers, but she's also a top flight acrobat.  

- Cyborg finally causes one of the H.I.V.E. a problem.

* The revenge of Cyborg's arm.

* Cool incidental music, by the way.

Overall, an okay episode to begin with.  Really little plot, but a little character development, and that can go a long way.

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The theme song grew on me.

Never liked Beast Boy and Raven together.


* Robin and Starfire, sittin' in a tree...

* Way to spoil the moment, Robin.

* There she goes, kidnapped by an alien vessel.  You need to act faster Robin.

* I've always found it weird and not a good sign when a loved one is waiting for you inside your home.

* Methinks Starfire is just a tad jealous.

* Poor Starfire.

* Hmm...Raven in Goth phase.  Amusing.

* "so, do you like showtunes?" Probably the funniest line of the episode.

* Amazing hoe much more effective Robin is at fighting the probes than his super powered teammates.

* A little anime-esque moment in the fight between the sisters.

* Aww, Robin...

A decent episode.  Perhaps not the level of humor that I'd like, but still pretty decent.

Divide and Conquer

* It's a prison break!

* One wonders if ordinary bullets would be more effective than the laser rifles against Cinderblock

* The entrances of the Titans are very anime

* So, apparently if the theme song's in English, it's a more serious episode, but when it's in Japanese, it's sillier.

* Does Cinderblock want a kiss from Starfire?

* I think this is the first "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" in the series

* One gets the feeling that the Titans should take out Cinderblock in a trifle.

* Oops. Poor team mate action.

* I don't think those cons thought this through

* The squabble betwixt Robin and Cyborg seems a trifle...forced.

* Cyborg quits? Oh the humanity!

* Ruh Roh Plasmus!

* I want some pudding of sadness.

* Robin is in denial

* Now Robin is feeling the guilts.

* It seems like Chemo should be around here somewhere.  I'm just sayin' is all.

* I used to have nightmares about being dropped into a lake of sludge.  I'm finding this all quite creepy.

* One thing about body-morphing super-villains...just because you think you've beaten them doesn't mean you've beaten them.

* Why in the world is Starfire screaming? Is is just cuz she's a girl?

* Here he comes to save the day!

* Cyborg shows, and the Titans take down Plasmus yay!

* Of course, Cyborg took out Cinderblock by himself.  Probably would have been a better idea not to go after him as a team.

A fun episode, if a little drawn out. I have the feeling I'll be saying that a lot.

...Okay , this is about the funnybook , not the TV series but it's , even, concerning a rather " in-btween " period in the comic's history...This last week I made some 3/$1.00 bin purchases among which was Issue #2 of the Indepndent Comics Group's?? OFFICIAL TEEN TITANS INDEX (The internal text refersto it as a four-issue miniseries , the cover refers to it as five ishes .) , from 1985 or so .
Lunch , more later then !!!!!!!!!

Forces Of Nature

* Okay, I have to admit that Thunder and Lightning are not my favorite characters.

* Rube Goldberg machines are always fun.

* Oh poor Starfire.

* Poor Beast Boy.

* Robin ends the frivolity. As always.

* I think the main reason I dislike Thunder and Lightning is that they're just a couple of good 'ol boys out for fun with no concept of personal boundaries. Add some moonshine, and...well...

* Hmm...why would the cars ahead of them still be there?

* Raven getting physical? That's unusual.

* Your kung-fu is strong, but it is no match for my Crane style!

* I see a sort of Loki/Thor thing going on here between Thunder and Lightning.

* She resisted the face. I tell ya, it's insane when female aliens hold grudges against you for hitting them with a balloon filled with motor oil.


* Well that was quite Dragonball Z

* Uh-oh...the white haired monk!

* Only one eye...could that be Slade in disguise?

* Lightning is a jerk.

* There is just something about Starfire...

* Fireworks can be so amusing.

* Thinking about it, it's not that Thunder and Lightning are bad, just the way they're depicted. They could be quite likeable.

* Oops. Giant...burning...fire...golem...thing.

* There should be a Smokey the bear team up here methinks.

* Robin is so tense and rendered.

* Thunder is way too easily misled.

* Robin vs. Slade round 1.

* So, Slade just disappears. One wonders how.

Ultimately, an episode more for the under twelves...not that that's a bad thing, just wanted something that appeals more to my adult sensibilities. Still, better than most children's programming.

The Sum Of His Parts

* It's mustard. It's Starfire. Why not?

* "Please respect that I don't eat fake meat." Word.

* Two-on-two football with super powers. Cool.

* I do like Cyborg in this series. He's not Mr. Angst, but there's definitely stuff that bugs him that's more than understandable.

* Okay, we are going for heartwarming here.

* I don't remember Mumbo Jumbo from the comics, but hey...

* I am kinda liking Mumbo Jumbo.

* Oh no! Attack of the not so killer bunnies!

* Fixit be creepy.

* The Titans live in a very nice, progressive city.

* That was tremendously stupid of Beast Boy.

* I love these montages of the villain of the moment gleefully escaping the Titans, espectially juxtaposed against Cyborg's current predicament.

* That's one powerful wand.

* Yup, heartwarming.

This was a decent episode. The villains were good, and the by play was fun too. I loved the way the Titans took out Mumbo Jumbo, and Fixit turned out to be not so bad either. Well done.

I know it's partly because of the animation budget but I would have liked to have seen them in something other than costumes for a day in the park.


* Oh no, it's Dr. Light!

* This Dr. Light seems pretty much prepared for the Titans.  He's holding his own so far.

* Uh oh, it's Raven's true nature. Dr. Light can kiss his tush goodbye.

* That's why you don't enter someone's room uninvited, especially if they have mystical powers.

* This is a side of Raven I'm not used to seeing.

* Daddy's home!

A nice little episode hinting at later issues with Raven and Trigon.  Seeing the rainbow of Ravens was especially fun.


The Puppet King traps the three male Titans in marionettes, and Starfire and Raven switch bodies.

* The Puppet King is creepy.  I wonder how many people get the Peter Lorre reference anymore, however.

* I guess the Titans haven't learned the whole thing about not opening strange packages left at their doorway with no return address.

* The old body switcheroo plot. Why not?

* Starfire and Raven are not handling the body exchange well.

* "You not talking." Very droll.

* The Puppet King is seriously creepy.

* Aww, a nice bonding moment.

Another fun episode.  It was nice seeing Starfire and Raven attempting to deal with their new suite of powers.  Also, the Puppet King was a good villain in a creepy sort of way.  Good stuff.

Deep Six

Trident steals a large quantity of radioactive waste, and it's up to the Titans**aided by Aqualad--to stop his nefarious plot.

* How do they afford these toys and the tower and food and...

* Raven has concerns about her weight?

* It's Aqualad!  And unlike the comics version, he's not useless!

* Gar's as jealous as can be.

* The jealousy is actuall really funny.

* Amazing how they haven't managed to figure out that there are multiple Tridents.

* Pod-Tridents. Oooh.

This was a very fun episode, with just enough silliness to keep it light.  I loved Beast Boy's strategy to defeat Trident, and also it's nice to see an Aqualad that isn't useless.


Robin faces down Slade.

* Never a bad idea to start with an action sequence.

* Why does Beast Boy turn into a Pterodactyl so frequently?

* So Robin's playing the Bat-jerk role this time around.

* And thus, Red X was born.

* Yup, definitely Bat-Jerk.

* Holy hologram!

* Busted!

* Cool boss fight.

* And the Bat-Jerk gets his comeuppance.

This wasn't the most fun episode, but it was really good.  I don't mind seeing Robin being the Bat-Jerk here because it is a learning experience for him, and he ends up paying for it as well. 

Mad Mod

Mad Mod captures the Titans to send them to school.

* The voice for Mad Mod just isn't ringing correctly for me.  I think it should be a little more polished.

* Japanese opening = less serious episode

* I assume that somehow the chair is keeping Beast Boy from turning into an insect and escaping.

* That fall should have broken that chair too--not to mention Robin.

* Robin, you could just close your eyes.

* This reminds me more of Arcade than Mad Mod.

* This whole MC Escher sequence is kind of nifty.

* This chase sequence is very Scooby Doo.

* How does he fire a bazooka that's bigger than he is?

* A little Yellow Submarine here as well.

* Of course, the Mad Mod is finally caught and all is well.

This was fun, but I always had a problem with the Mad Mod episodes in that a) his voice just doesn't work for me and b) the Titans should wipe the floor with him in a trice, meaning that any episode featuring him is severely padded out.

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