This is a catchall thread for thoughts and comments about the new TV season. 


Doctor Hmmm? launched a similar thread last year, and it's a good idea worth repeating. 

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I watched the first half of the much-ballyhooed season premiere of Two and a Half Men, up to the first appearance of Ashton Kutcher (then I had to go to the supermarket). The gag where Jon Cryer is startled upon seeing him would have been funnier if I hadn't seen a similar bit in the series finale of Rescue Me last week ...
New TV? What's new TV?

Not many of the new shows interest me too much but I may give a few a try just because.


I watched the premier of How I Met Your Mother. It was good as usual. It seems like their nowhere near wrapping this up anytime soon. There were two episodes last night. The ending of the second episode is something I've been hoping for since season 1!


I watched Two and a Half Men as well. It's a show that I never followed regularly but when I watched it, I usually laughed a few times. Anyways, the new direction was funny but last night's episode was kinda twisted. I'll probably do what I used to do, watch it if I can't find anything else to watch.


I watched the new series, 2 Broke Girls. It's been getting rave reviews. It was alright. The draw and rightful so, is the two leads. They were funny and had a good chemistry. The setup of the show is pretty basic and the inclusion of the horse at the end was over-the-top. Yet it was still kinda funny. I'll probably stick with it.


I recorded the Playboy Club and will watch it tonight.

The New Girl featuring Zooey Deschenel premiers tonight. A few weeks ago the pilot was available to watch onDemand. I watched it and thought it was pretty good if a bit quirky and cute for quirky and cute's sake. I'll probably keep watching it since I have a crush on Zooey Deschenel.

I watched the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother as well. I've watched it from time to time; for me it's one of those shows you watch only if nothing better is on, and you don't feel like watching Law & Order again.


It doesn't help that the lead, Ted, is an annoying dweeby sad sack, and the least interesting character on the show. And his buddy, Marshall, isn't much better; the whole "Beercules" thing was more stupid than funny, and all because he won't grow up. 


Unlike Barney; his resolve to change for Nora was a welcome sign of nascent maturity.

New shows we're trying out...thanks DVR...Ringer, Homeland on Showtime (Claire Danes as a CIA agent who knows that a "hero" is a double agent), and American Horror Story on FX.  The rest are old faves...HIMYM, Glee, Modern Family, Community, The Office, The Amazing Race, Masterpiece (new Lewis, Downton Abbey, and Sherlock!).
I've watched HIMYM since the beginning. Last season had some major growth for Marshall and Barney. However the Beercules thing was a bit of a backtrack. I'll agree that Ted is the least interesting character. However, I think this season Ted will grow up some. I think the ending of last night's episode will be his first step to finally growing up.

Haven't seen any new shows yet (and, off the top of my head, there aren't any that I'm dying for). 

The only season premiere I've seen so far has been Hawaii Five-0.  Completely unbelievable, and about 4 episodes worth of plot crammed into 40 minutes.  On the upside, it was nice to see John Locke Terry O'Quinn and Jin Kwon Daniel Dae Kim sharing scenes together again.

I don't watch Two and a Half Men, but I did watch a YouTube clip of the Jenna Elfman/Thomas Gibson cameo.  I'm not sure if I'm going to include that crabby couple in my personal Dharma and Greg continuity, though.

I'm going to watch CSI because I'm curious to see how Ted Danson fits in. I haven't watched CSI in a very long time. I'm a  Ted Danson fan so I'm kinda excited.


New shows:
  • I've got the pilot of 2 Broke Girls recorded, but haven't watched it yet.
  • I had the DVR set for The Playboy Club, but it got such terrible reviews I dumped it.
  • The New Girl is recording as I write this.
  • The pilot of Up All Night wasn't bad, primarily on the strengths of its leads.
  • I'm going to give Person on Interest a look because of J.J. Abrams and Michael Emerson.
  • Whitney I'm giving a try even though the responses have been so-so because I have a not-particularly-justified fondness for Whitney Cummings.
  • I'm somewhat curious about Prime Suspect, but I might dump it unwatched, 'cause the list is getting awfully full.
  • Pan Am could be interesting. Or terrible.
  • I was going to give Ringer a shot — the pilot was okay; nothing great, nothing awful — but there's just too much else for "okay" to be worthwhile.
Lotsa returning shows, too: How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Raising Hope, Modern Family, Happy Endings, possibly CSI (I'm in the same boat as Jason, above), Big Bang Theory, Community, Parks & Recreations, I'll give The Office a few eps to convince me, The Good Wife....

There might be more stuff that's coming in October (House and Chuck come to mind, and possibly Terra Nova), but that's more or less it, I think.

I'll be curious to see how much of this falls by the wayside 'cause I just don't have the time to watch that much TV. :P

Two Broke Girls is odd.  It tries to be a light-hearted, typical gal-pal comedy, but the setting is so dark it overshadows the humor for me.  

The luster is definitely off Glee. After Sue having a Grinch-style epiphany on the last two season finales, she reverts to type again.  Yawn.  Either have her show character growth or finally have her arrested as a psychopath.

So Playboy club was OK. They're trying to mix over the top melodrama and significant cultural happenings of the 60s. It felt like I was watching two shows. While not a bad show, I don't think it's something I'll spend time on. The production value is good and of course the cast is nice to look at. The main problem is that the two leads, Eddie Cibrian and Amber Heard, are kinda bland. Some of the side stories are more interesting. The show probably would've worked better if there wasn't an overall arc but instead just showed the daily lives of the bunnies. Anyways, as I stated about it's just ok and I probably won't watch it again.


I watched the New Girl again. It was better this time. I think the first episode got a lot of the weirdness out of the way and has the characters bonding with eachother. I'll keep watching.

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