The Sarah Jane Adventures Reactions: "Death of the Doctor" (SPOILERS)

Part One:

1)"The Doctor's gone. He's dead."


2)Cool! Vulture men!


3)"I don't think he's dead"


4)Poor old Brigadier - constantly being shipped off to Peru! And Liz Shaw is on the Moon?


5)And.. it's Jo Grant!


6)I like Jo's reaction to the news that Sarah's actually seen the Doctor again.


7)And Peladon memories. I wonder how Jo would react to seeing "Prince Peladon" now...


8)"The two wise women of the tribe."


9)And callbacks to "Timelash" and "The Masque of Mandragora."


10)"You've done it again."


11)"It's like someone baked you."


Part Two

12)"Come along, Smith."


13)"Did you think I was stupid?"  Well...


14)"The last time I was dying, I looked back on all of you, every single one..." Even the dead ones?


15)"We've got the Brady Bunch exactly where we need them."


16)"How many times can you change?" "Five hundred and seven."  That'll come back to haunt them when the actor playing the Five Hundred-and-Seventh Doctor wants to leave the show...


17)"I'd rather be pious than vile."


18)Do you know, I think that might be the first time that Jo's seen the TARDIS dematerialize?


19)"There's a woman called Tegan, in Australia."  Yes, dear, you met her on Gallifrey, which you apparently don't remember.  The whole "fates of various companions" bit seems a bit far-fetched to me.



Not bad - nice seeing Katy Manning again, and seeing our Russell get a chance to write the Eleventh Doctor. I found the Vulture Men - the Short-Sheetz, or whatever they were called to be quite amusing.  As someone who's had to pay for two funerals in my time, I foudn the vulture comparison quite apt.



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The meeting of Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith face to face made this episode for me. It inspired me to read the paperback version of "Terror of the Autons" and I suspect I'll soon re-watch "The Curse of Peladon" and "The Monster of Peladon" back to back. I rather enjoyed the "fates of various companions" bit. (Ian and Barbara have reportedly never aged, Polly and Ben are still together, couldn't recall Ace's last name, etc.) I think when it comes time for the Five Hundred Seventh Doctor to regenerate, maybe the Valyard will reappear.

I watched both Peladon stories not that long ago.  I don't know how many of those Doctor Who novels you've read, but somewhere in amongst them should be a story in which the Seventh Doctor goes back to Peladon.

I will keep it in mind. So far I haven't read any of the Seveth Doctor novels yet. I like the ones which flesh out the adventures of Doctors One and Two, and the ones I choose to read are based more on who the companion/s is/are than which Doctor, believe it or not.

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