The Times, They Are a Changin'

Just a little thread here to make mention of memorable titles or issues that have gone by.

This is prompted by the big conclusion to the Avengers vs. X-men maxi-series this summer, in which the Scarlet Witch plays a major role, since being returned to the fold in the incredibly drawn-out Children's Crusaid. (9 issues but it took a year and a half for it to play off!)


I am remembered this October, by a song by Donovan back in the day, whose title was stollen borrowed used by Roger Stern for the fantastic retrospective on the life and times of Wanda Maximov, in Avengers #234.  "Seasons of the Witch"

I really enjoyed this one  shot, which came out when I was unemployed and thought that my girl-friend might be pregnant at the time.  This issue was my ability to get away to fantasy land until the EPT test came back negative.

Such relief!  (I married her some three years later.)

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  • Wanda and Vision were perhaps my favourite Marvel characters back in the day. I lusted after Wanda in my 9 year old fashion and identified with the cold and inhuman Vision, so I guess I was pretty mixed up.

    I've had to deal with the realisation that those characters are long gone. If Bendis portrays Vision as a twat and that TV guy depicts Wanda as a nutjob, well, its doesn't have much to do with the characters I used to love.

    I liked Young Avengers tho it lost its way on the treadmill of monthly production and daft crossovers, so I'm looking forward to reading the Crusade? storyline when it shows up in the library. But as I say, its not my Wanda.

    The in-universe reason I give is all the universe reboots in Avengers-JLA. That series drew a line under the MU I grew up with just prior to Bendis' arrival.

    Glad everything worked out for you in regard to that matter Kirk! I know the value of somewhere to retreat to when things get heavy. Gotta love comics!
  • ...I think I've seen it argued before that the finally-realized As+Js crossover in the early 00s was a " final fling " for an " older " DC/Marvel in general...for the age , what , " the general Post-SA period " ???????????

  • The pre-Bendis and DiDio Era?

  • ...Yeh , that's , looking at it from the other direction , sort of what I think the suggestion was -

    the , um , " cool " era , of greater violence/whatever?? and the continuitum (??) from the SA/the assumption , perhaps , that this was on some level still a " children's medium " abandoned ?????????

  • something changed around 2004 anyhow.  I think part of it might have been various attempts to revisit the past just ran out of steam.  Busieks Avengers, JLA etc .  They decided to go in a pretty radical direction and haven't really looked back. Identity Crisis and Civil War were each gamechangers in their ways.

  • I actually thought the series was okay (well except for the art which seem to get worse with each issue). I liked that it was told in almost real time, each issue taking place about month after the other issue ended.

    Robin Olsen said:

    Remember Steve Englehart's series, when Vision called Wanda "Curly-Top" and Crystal messed around on Quicksilver with SOME SHMOE? I didn't like it, either - except for the Grim Reaper. I ALWAYS got a kick out of HIM!

  • It's very strange, I adored Vision and Wanda from about 1979 to 1981.  I loved Mantlo's little 4-part series that tied up all their past and brought in Magneto etc, but then I dropped Marvel comics like a hot potato.


    So I have no affinity with the Avengers after about issue 200, and only came back when Busiek did his redux of the very period I'd been an Avengers fan before.  I've always looked askance at Englehart's 12-part series of Vision and Scarlet Witch, but I think I'll have to read it someday.  Strange how Heinberg used the Twins again, when they'd long dropped out of sight, but Bendis had used the death of the twins as his trigger for the start of his whole tenure.


    Heinberg was probably a fan of the mid-eighties Avengers.  He tried to bring the Vision back as something a bit fresh - like teenage Loki - but Bendis just brought back the old version with a quick one-panel explanation.  Strange how Bendis is happy to tap into the fans' love of the old stuff when it suits him, while riding roughshod over most of it the rest of the time.

  • Well if Quicksilver had been more attentive to Crystal's needs...

    haha, just messing  with ya.

    Robin Olsen said:

    Travis, I must also sheepishly admit that it WAS a key series, dealing as it did with the Witch's "pregnancy". I could STILL do without that "Curly-Top" business, though. And the shmoe.

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