Thought maybe I'd just make this an undated, running thread -- and just date the entries as the weeks turn.


Of the books I've read so far, Flash 7 is my favorite -- I loved Flash running through the wormhole, the promise he made to Snart (and the resolution of that promise), an interesting wrinkle in what will likely wind up being the Golden Glider's origin, the hint at Captain Singh's love life, and more. I liked Iris going through the wormhole -- it'll give Barry some alone time with her (though I'm by no means anti-Patty). And I'm looking forward to Turbine, next issue!

All-Star Western never disappoints, either -- the lead story made good use of Hex's origins and I like the gladatorial scenario. And the backup art had a real John Severin feel to it, which I appreciated -- and I liked the look at Nighthawk's background, as well. My one quibble was that I couldn't tell if Cinnamon was wearing a mask or not -- in some places, it looked like she wasn't drawn wearing one, but the colorist might have been trying to fix that.

Aquaman, sadly, I'm thinking of dropping. It's good -- objectively a good comic, I think, well drawn and exciting in parts -- but it isn't really connecting with me. Maybe it will in trades, sometime down the road.

New Deadwardians: I was planning on waiting for the trade with this one, but I decided to give a single issue a chance. I love the mystery it sets up, and I love the low-key nature of the supernatural here. It's well worth checking out.

Legion of Super Heroes: Secret Origin wrapped up with a nice moment for Phantom Girl, in particular. That said, I'm not sorry to see it go. While it approached the formation of the Legion in a different way than I'd ever seen before, and Chris Batista delivered some nice Ernie Colon-inspired work, the book as a whole was kind of flat. I much prefer the modern-day Legion, with characters who have a long history behind them. 

Still to come: Daredevil and The Unwritten.

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The only comic I've read so far this week is Green Team #1. I thought it was...okay.  On the one hand, it was a good updating of their purpose and reason for being.  On the other hand, I really don't think replacing two of the team with a Saudi prince and a blonde actress really worked for me. Not to mention that I was really looking forward to seeing what they would do with Abdul Smith, as I wanted to see the dynamic in terms of the one who had just come into money as opposed to the others.

Also, I guess I just didn't find any of the characters particularly likeable. 

Also, is there any reason whatsoever to do an update of The Green Team? It didn't exactly set the world on fire the first time.

I actually did read that 1st Issue Special with the original Green Team and fully admit that I didn't find them particular likeable then either!

At this rate, we'll see DCnU revivals of Brother Power, Lady Cop, Kong the Untamed, Ultra the Multi-Alien, the Human Cannonball and the Dingbats of Danger Street. God help us all!

I'm not sure if there's a need for an update -- but I'd much rather Hollywood remake a bad movie than a good one, since it's another chance to get it right. It's quite possible that The Green Team has more to say today than it did in the 70s. I'm honestly surprised they did as much "updating" of the characters as they did; I'd have expected them to take the name only, and created the rest from scratch.

Actually, if they re-introduced Ultra the Multi-Alien as a parody, it could be hilarious.

From what I remember, Jeff Lemire did a short Ultra story in one of the Vertigo anthologies... Strange Adventures, I think. I remember being pretty impressed with it; there was a lot of loneliness in it, IIRC. But it was the first Lemire-written story I'd liked, after having read a number of DCU-set comics prior to that.

I dunno Cap, I think Ultra's a little too easy a target, in that he was almost a parody to begin with.

I'd be all over a parody of Tod Holton: Super Green Beret, however. Especially if you could get Ennis/Dillon to do it.

I just want to know how he flies with that one little owl wing on his ankle. And how he stands when his other leg is made of electricity. And why his mother named him "Ace Arn," which is pretty comical on its own.

A few thoughts of my own:

Teen Titans #20 - An entire issue of exposition. Yawn.

Justice League Dark #20 - Started reasonably well, but all momentum stopped after Constantine was rescued.  still, not bad.

All Star Western #20 - Good, dirty fun.  Stormwatch wasn't bad either.

Justice League #20 - Amazingly enough, Geoff Johns doesn't have anyone die in a gruesome manner in this issue.

Amanda Waller used to be someone that wasn't particularly likeable, but you understood why she was making the choices she was making.  Now she's just evil.

Adventures of Superman #4 - Can I say just how great it is to have the real Superman back?  

This is a cool story, the nice sort of story we used to get before everything became an event.  I miss this sort of story.

Scarlet Spider #17 - You know, one of my first thoughts before reading this book was how amazing it was that Wolverine hadn't shown up yet...

That being said, this is positively hilarious.  It's amazing this book has survived for 17 issues, but it's one of Marvel's best.  

Young Avengers #5 - Lots of fun with Loki this issue, and I guess things are going in a new direction for the team. I'm still enjoying this.

Journey Into Mystery #652 - I keep expecting this to get canceled, but it keeps being charming anyway.  Love seeing the return of Beta Ray Bill, love the idea of Sif and Jane in the same room, and I love the idea of Bill having a girlfriend.

Daredevil #26 - Foggy is awesome.  That is all.

Comics I would have picked up but didn't: Fearless Defenders #4, because it was an Age Of Ultron tie-in and I'm boycotting that codfish.


Meh.  Given that they attempted to make Sivana a relative of Billy's in the past, I see zero point in doing the same with Black Adam.  Why must every arch-enemy be related to a specific point in a hero's past?  Aren't Sivana and Black Adam great villains whether they're related to Billy or not?


Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

Justice League 20: In the backup, we see the origin of Black Adam... and then, back in the present, Billy finally gets a chance to turn back into Shazam. But is he too late? I've been really enjoying these backups; next issue is the finale... it looks to be all Shazam, but the League might make a guest appearance.

I would just like to reiterate that Foggy Nelson is awesome.

Absolutely. Man, and I could feel Matt's desperation throughout the issue. Just when you think he's being paranoid, turns out he's not being paranoid at all.

Randy Jackson said:

I would just like to reiterate that Foggy Nelson is awesome.

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