The Incredibles is one of my favorites. Upon re-watching it recently, I thought I'd share some thoughts.

* I love the way that the various leads remark about their futures without knowing what's ahead.  I especially love Elasti-Girl talking about never settling down.

* Mr. Incredible's auto-drive car is teh awesome.

* That is one sweet ride too.

* Shaking loose the cat and getting the bad that's class.

* The cops' adulation for Mr. Incredible is adorable.

* Nope. Incrediboy is lame.

* Gotta love ejector seats.

* "I think you need to be more...flexible" Excuse me, I'll be in my bunk.

* That's one hell of a follow-spot operator to catch the guy falling off of the building.

* I really, really wanted them to do more with Bon Voyage.  There just aren't enough arrogant French Villains.

* Buddy, your rocket boots are sort of cool, but these are the big boys throwing down right now. You're over your head.

* You know, this whole wedding thing really puts a cramp in Mr. Incredible's style.

* I've always wondered how they explained away the costumed heroes at the wedding.

* Obviously, Mr. Incredible lives in the Marvel Universe where acts of kindness get you sued and booed.

* I see Dolores Umbridge is also part of this reality.

* He looks so sad right now.

* So Jack-Jack's daily bath is in the kitchen sink, eh?

* Bob, you are my superhero.

* Why is it that I think that Mr. Huff is all too commonplace at insurance companies? Could it be because I believe they're a bunch of no-goodniks out to mutilate the colons of policy holders?


* Dash in trouble. I love this.

* I sorta feel bad for the teacher here. Sorta.

* "Everyone's special Dash." "Which is another way of saying no one is."

* I can't be the only one who thinks violet is really cute with this hair style.

* Consarned skateboards

* Oh sure, it's just fine to lift your econobox POS over your head as long as the little kid on the tricycle doesn't notice.

* I can understand Bob's pride here.  It would be hard to hide your abilities for that long.

* I love the family dynamic here.  It's so much better than pretending they always get along.

* Love Frozone. Just love him.

* This is why I love superheroes.  No one asks them to help.  They help anyway.  We could use more of that.

* The bullet frozen in midair is teh awesome.

* Mirage...I'll be in my bunk.

* "Is this...rubble?"

* They both have great arguments. That's another reason I love this movie and wish that there had been sequels.

* I love that Huff has four identical clocks, just like his pencils.

* Anyone who's ever had a truly pinheaded boss has to cheer at Huff's comeuppance. At the same time, it also illustrates how truly powerless people can be.

* The look on Bob's face after he gets the assignment is really, really well done.

* And now, how easy it is to lie to your wife.

* "And don't die"

* He's not quite what he used to be.

* Nice to see that Mr. Incredible is competent.

* "Everything's delicious"

* Cue montage of Bob working out and getting in shape.

* Cue also montage of Bob enjoying carnal privileges with his wife.

* I really, really love how independent Elasti-Girl is.

* Seriously, Elasti-Girl...

* :My god you've gotten fat"

* "I used to design for gods."

* "I never look back darling, it distracts from the now."

* "No capes."

* Man, I love Edna.

* "I love much."  That gets me every time.

* Hmm...skinny legs and all.

* Edna rocks. That is all.

* Synergy=good villain

* "You sly dog. You got me monologuing."

* "Who's super now?"

* "Do you know where he is?"

* I've always wondered how supervillains manage to outfit their lairs. I can accept various things about them, but when they are beautifully decorated, I wonder what's going on.

* Yeah, hiding the super suits is not exactly wise.

* I'm glad they didn't go with their original idea of Snug.

* "I can totally handle anything this baby can dish out" Famous last words, Kari.

* Hmm.  I think shit just got real.

* "There are children aboard"  I know why Mr. Incredible is upset.

* Seriously, Elasti-girl rocks.

* "Now both of you will get a grip or I will ground you for a month. Understand?"

* "That sounds a little dark for you. Ah, go ahead."  Synergy, you are one bad mother--shut yout mouth--just talkin' bout Synergy.

* "Even when you have nothing to lose, you're weak, and I've outgrown you."

* Dash is teh awesome. Elasti-Girl is teh awesome. Just waiting for Violet.

* "As fast as I can?" "As fast as you can!"

* And now Violet is teh awesome and I'm tearing up.

* "Doubt is a luxury we can't afford anymore"

* Synergy is a sleazebag. Perfect.

* Dear Elasti-Girl. I like that junk.

* Have I mentioned before that Elasti-Girl is teh awesome?  Because she's proving it right now.

* "Mom and Dad's lives could be in jeopardy. Or worse, their marriage."

* "How could I betray the perfect woman?" Now that's smooth.

* Man, I love Dash.

* This is one hell of an action sequence.

* It was all going so well until Synergy showed up.

* "And when everyone's super, no one will be."

* "Shh. Don't interrupt him."

* "You are my greatest adventure."

* That is one way to clear out an RV.

* Mirage...please.

* "Greater good. I am your wife. I am the greatest good you are ever gonna get."

* Have I mentioned before how awesome Elasti-Girl is?

* I love them fighting about where to get off.

*  "I can't lose you again."  And the tears have no shutoff valve.

*  "Go long!"

* Damn, ths is one great action sequence.

* "You got one shot!"

* "No school like the old school."

* I'm not so enamored of Violet wearing her hair back. Oh well...

* "I love our family."

*/ Man, Syndrome is a villain.

* "That's my girl."

* "I feel different. Is different OK?"

* "I like movies. I'll buy the popcorn."  Once again, Violet achieves awesome.

-* "Behold, the underminer!" 

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It's a pity there was no follow ups or sequels. I really thought there would be tons of merchandise, TV spin-offs and further films. But no.

If they ever did a 'Shazam! Family' movie, I'd like it to be in a similar animated style. Pure FUN!

Did you ever see Jack Jack Attacks detailing how rough a time Kari had? Poor kid.
I agree Elasti Girl was just about everything you want in a heroine. The great thing about her though was she was totally in charge until she sat down with Edna and then she was just swamped.

The Incredibles is one of my favorite movies. Before Avengers came out I'd say its the best superhero movie. It stil may be but Avengers was quite good. Incredibles captures al that is good and right with superhero mythology. The characters are all powerful and cool in their own way. Plus the movie is just plan fun but with great humor and character development. The Fantastic Four movies should have been like this.

I was also disappointed that there wasn't a sequel. Maybe one day we'll get one. It'd be cool to see other heroes in that universe sprout up along with some villains.

The Jack Jack Attacks short is very funny, worth seeing.

Lot of good extras on the dvd.

Obviously Marvel isn't a fan of The Incredibles which is so ironic right now!

The scene where Mister Incredible thinks his family is dead and he grabs that woman by the throat is one of most dramatic, genuine and scary moments in a Disney film.

Yup, I have the deluxe DVD.  Probably the extra that's the best is the "Clutch Cargo" style cartoon of Mr. Incredible and Frozone, and then the commentary from Mr. Incredible and Frozone.

Mark S. Ogilvie said:

Did you ever see Jack Jack Attacks detailing how rough a time Kari had? Poor kid.
I agree Elasti Girl was just about everything you want in a heroine. The great thing about her though was she was totally in charge until she sat down with Edna and then she was just swamped.

So Jack-Jack's daily bath is in the kitchen sink, eh?

Not so unusual.

That French dude was "Bomb Voyage," if I recall correctly.

One of the things I liked best about The Incredibles: No origin stories. Yes, time and care is taken to establish the world of The Incredibles, but no time is spent on how Mr. Incredible, Elasti-Girl, Frozone, or anyone else got that way.

Yes, I'd love a sequel, but I'd also like a solo adventure with Edna Mode! She's a riot!




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