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I like everything by Tom King I've ever read, but I'm unsure about his Batman. I'm not a huge fan of Batman in the first place, and I definitely do not like the DC post-Flashpoint/New 52/Rebirth universe, yet King has written quite a lengthy run, available in severl tpbs or two hardcovers. So I am soliciting opinions from those who have read it. Talk me into it or talk me out of it.


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  • I like everything by Tom King I've ever read.

    Wait, you liked Heroes in Crisis? I like most stuff by Tom King I've read, but everybody whiffs once in a while, and he struck out on that one. IMHO, of course.

    As to Tom King's Batman, I haven't read it, sorry. 

    • Thanks for the reply.

      I'll cop to liking Heroes in Crisis, but only in light of my (relatively) new "every new #1 reboots continuity" philosopy. In other words, I see it outside continuity (similar to The Dark Knight Returns). I do remember the negative comments on this board as the series was coming out. It reminded me in some ways of Hush, which was also wildly disparaged here as it was being released, but I kind of liked it. Then I read it a second time years later and didn't like it as much. I haven't yet re-read Heroes in Crisis so I don't know whether or not my opinion of that will change as well when I do.

  • I didn't read the entire run, and as you know I'm no Tom King fan. I've liked very little of. Heroes in Crisis being one of the worst series I have read in recent memory, and maybe ever.

    As to his Batman run, it was a fairly long run, so like all runs it had it ups and downs. I enjoyed a few of the early arcs. "The War of Jokes and Riddles" was my favroite, though. At one point I thought it was getting worse and worse, and in the end I thought there was more bad than good. Of course my dislike of it might encourage you to read it more. hahaha.

  • Of course my dislike of it might encourage you to read it more. hahaha.

    I appreciate any and all replies. I now know more about his Batman run than I did last week. 

    I like everything by Tom King I've ever read.

    To put that remark in perspective, in addition to Heroes in Crisis, the first Tom King series I ever read was 2015's The Vision, which I honestly bought just to make fun of. The premise was so ridiculous that I fully expected to hate it, but issue by issue he won me over. After that I read his Mister Miracle, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorow, Strange Adventures, Danger Street, Love Everlasting (ongoing), and, most recently (yesterday, actually), Helen of Wyndhorn. If there is anything else he has written, someone please let me know.



  • I can add more if you want me to, I just don't want to ruin any specific storypoints in case you do end up reading it.

    • Go for it. It'll help me make up my mind. And thanks.

  • Oops, forgot about this, Jeff. Better late than never! And I ain't won't go storyline by storyline.

    Now it did start off with a good one, I Am Gotham As I think about it, I realize I enjoyed more than I initially thought. it introduces two new characters, Gotham and Gotham Girl . In a more Moravel traidition their powers come at a cost.

    There was the I Am Bane storyline (third one), and this was the first one that faltered for me. Outside of Gail Simone's Secret Six I've never been a fan of Bane....

    I mentioned previously that The War of Jokes and Riddles was my personal favorite of Tom King's run. This takes place in Batman's early years.

    We then get more into the the Batman/Catwoman relationship. I honestly never bought into it, and pretty much everyone knew how it would end. This was a major part of King's run and this is really why I think it wasn't that great.

    Cold Days wasn't too bad as Bruce Wayne is seleceted for jury duty and is part of a case with Mr. Freeze.

    Also Tyrant Wing which I didn't remember then looked it up...oh yeah...more Bane...<sigh>

    And more Bane...somewhere in all of this Bane stuff is when I bailed.

    • Thanks, Travis!  5DyBPWx.gif

      I may yet buy this one day, but I don't think it will be anytime soon.

    • My pleasure!


  • I like everything by Tom King I've ever read...

    I just found a Tom King comic I don't like: Wonder Woman #7.

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