Anyone read this? Brian K Vaughan and Marcos Martin have released the first issue of their new digital comic The Private Eye and it is as good as the creative team would suggest. They're selling it on a pay-what-you-want model, so you can get it for as little as nothing (I paid $4, 'cause that's easily what a 32-page Vaughan/Martin comic is worth to me), so there's no excuse not to try it out.

The first issue sets up a fascinating world where information and identity are heavily protected, the press are deputized agents of the government, and paparazzi are the worst sort of criminals. Vaughan, of course, develops his world solidly (although the dialog is a little exposition-heavy at times), and Martin as always tells a compelling visual tale.

I only just read this issue on my lunch break today, so I haven't really had time to let it sink in yet, but I really enjoyed what was there, and can't wait for more.

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That's a very attractive cover.

I really enjoyed this. I thought it was fun seeing Marcos Martin's work back lit like it was digitally. Normally I'm a print-only guy (although I've been known to get the Legends of the Dark Knight issues for .99 a piece digitally as well), but I thought this story read really well on my iPad.

While this is a high-concept book, thematically it reminded me of a book like Scene of the Crime or countless old movies and radio dramas, where a beautiful client walks into the crusty P.I.'s office. I like that the noir convention is being taken digital, and that "digital" is even the biggest component of this story. Also liked the way the old codger of the book is "us" in the future.

Thanks for posting this, Alan!

I just read it. It's off to a hell of a start. A great futuristic noir, without all the technology that drains suspense out of stories that take place in the present. I'm in for the long haul... or until I'm out of bars.

I have a great bank. I received a call yesterday from a manager there, but I didn't get the voicemail until after banking hours. So I spent the rest of the day wondering what she was calling about.

It turns out she was calling about a mysterious small charge via Paypal to Marcos Martin.I think Martin is out of the country, so it raised a red flag. I let her know it was legit. No worries... at least until the next issue. I'm glad they're so vigilant!

While I'm not asking anyone else to tell what they paid for the issue, I just wanted to throw out there that I spent $3.00 on it, because that's what I would have spent if I'd picked it up off the shelf.

I like this. They have some great talent on a story that may have just slid under the radar if it had been in paper format (although with the creative team, probably a bit higher than "under..."). But in this format, the story really sings.

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