• I see what you did there!

  • We're watching Electric Dreams, and there are a lot of familiar faces that elevate the show: Bryan Cranston, Steve Buscemi, Juno Temple, Richard Madden, Annalise Basso, Terrence Howard, etc. It occurs to me that future generations will regard these actors as "Hey, it's that guy!"

  • IN THE KNOW: Lauren Caspien is NPR's third most popular host. The main characters are claymation and the guests are live. "In The Know" does to liberals what "The Colbert Report" did to conservatives: mocks them mercilessly.


  • AFTER MIDNIGHT: The show that answers the question: "What if 'Whose Line is it, Anyway?" were a game show. This is the kind of show I will enjoy for a while, then won't be able to watch anymore. But right now I'm enjoyiong it. I relate to about 50% of the games and get 50% of the jokes.


  • STUPID PET TRICKS: I used to watch "Late Night with David Letterman" when I was in college and I've liked Sarah Silverman ever since she was in Star Trek. I had not real desire to see Silverman host a show based on an old Letterman bit, but there was nothing else on TV tonight. I doubt I'll ever watch it again. 

  • THE DAILY SHOW: I used to watch this show right up until COVID. By the time it returned I had fallen out of the habit, but starting tonight, John Stewert returns, every Monday through the election. The rest of the week, the other correspondents will take turns hosting.

  • RESIDENT ALIEN returns tonight (season three).

    • Thanks for the heads up.

  • YOUNG SHELDON returns tonight (season seven).

    GHOSTS returns tonight (season three).

  • CSI: VEGAS returns tonight (season three).

    LAST WEEK TONIGHT returns tonight (season eleven).

    GHOSTS UK: Seasons four and five are now avilable online in the U.S.

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