I just happened to be wandering the net and found this website
of "lost team ups" which I found very interesting. Some could

happen, others never will but they are all very inventive and well

done. I just thought I would share with the group. My favourite

so far is

Although most are done seriously. Such as

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I've known about this for a couple of years. He does like blending artwork that you think that you might be seeing something "real"!

I'm going to check it out periodically for new ones. The Grundy one is also the one I like best.

I pop in on that site from time to time. He does come up with some creative matches that I wish we could see for real. And he does a great job of composing these covers!

Yes - a great site! 

Don't make the mistake I made at first. On the bottom right there's a link to "older posts" that I missed the first time. There's another one that wasn't there yesterday, too.

Some really good ones here. And, I notice, two team-ups so far staring THROG -- Thor as a frog! Gotta like that!

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