From Variety"ABC Orders Pilots for ‘Stumptown’ Adaptation, Bermuda Triangle Drama"

Variety wrote:

ABC has given out two more drama pilot orders.

First up, the broadcaster has ordered a pilot for a drama based on the graphic novel “Stumptown” by Greg Rucka. It follows Dex Parios, a strong, assertive, and unapologetically sharp-witted army veteran working as a P.I. in Portland, Oregon. With a complicated personal history and only herself to rely on, she solves other people’s messes with a blind eye toward her own.

Jason Richman will serve as writer and executive producer, with Rucka, Matthew Southworth, and Justin Greenwood also executive producing along with Ruben Fleischer and Dave Bernad via The District. ABC Studios will produce.

I hope the TV series can capture Stumptown well. I've read the first three story arcs as trades and enjoyed them very much.

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I've enjoyed the comics as well, Clark, I'm just not sure regular network TV is the place for it. It seems just a little to quirky for it. I would delighted to be wrong.

Yeah, I would have been a lot more excited about this if it was going to be on FX or AMC. Not sure how it's going to play on ABC. I'm picturing it much less gritty and with everyone much prettier than it would be otherwise.

The Stumptown TV series pliot has its lead. From TV Line: "Cobie Smulders to Star as a Private Eye in ABC Drama Pilot Stumptown"

Rucka's always said that Dex Parios has a bit of Jim Rockford in her; I think ABC might not be the worst place for it -- especially if it's more episodic rather than serial. And it'll be interesting to see what Smulders does with her.

From Deadline: "Cobie Smulders P.I. Drama Based On ‘Stumptown’ Graphic Novels Gets ABC Series Order"

... although it won't use the Stumptown name. For now, it's called "Untitled Cobie Smulders" Project.

It seems they've changed their mind about the name of the show and will call it Stumptown

"Watch Cobie Smulders in ABC's Stumptown Trailer"

Saw the trailer yesterday, and it's fantastic. I'm SO on board.

Sad news: ABC cancels Stumptown, per "Stumptown Cancelled at ABC Despite Season 2 Renewal"

ABC had renewed the show, but canceled it because it can't get production going, thanks to COVID-19. More from Variety, including the hope the producers can talk another outlet into carrying it: "‘Stumptown’ Canceled at ABC Despite Season 2 Renewal Due to COVID-...

That sucks... it's such a good show. I hope someone else picks it up.

Yeah, what a bummer. I've been enjoying it.


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