• Image search tells me it's a Colonial Warrior from the original Battlestar: Galactica.

  • Did you pick anything up, Pete?

    • Not on this trip. Those items were the ones I was interested in, but the paperbacks and the record were the ones I came closest to getting.

    • I admire your restraint, because I would have bought it all if I could have,


    • There was also a Big Bubba Rogers figure that I almost bought, too, along with two different Sting figures and the Nasty Boys.

  • Sandman Season 2 News



    The Sandman Season 2 Casting Confirms Arrival of an Important Missing Character
    New casting points the way to big revelations for The Sandman season 2 on Netflix.
  • When my sister was little, she had Heartland models of the Lone Ranger, Tonto and Roy Rogers. I played with them when I was a kid, particularly the Lone ranger and Tonto ones. A few years ago, I asked her if she still had them and she told me that they had melted in the heat of where she had them stored and she had to throw them away. She died in April, and her huisband's brother (who lives next door to her) is overseeing the disposition of her posessions for me. I gave him a list of the things I wanted, but I didn't even think to ask about those Heartland models because she said they were destroyed. BUT... she also once told me she lost her childhood photo album, and I wanted to see that again. I mentioned it to her brother-in-law, and sure enough, it turned up. Yesterday I was up in Missouri tying up some estate matters which must be handled in person, and I just happened to mention those Heartland models. Now I wish I would have said something sooner, because he took them in to a local thrift shop just last Friday. We rushed there as soon as they opened, but they had already sold. (One of their regular customers found them and said that she was going to give herself a birthday treat.) 


  • Tom King writes a one-shot on Archie and his gang.



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